Wow. Let’s just say that now. I had been amping up the idea of seeing Augie March live since my Dad introduced me to them in the early to mid 2000’s, and they certainly were amazing. But first, the awesome support act, Mosman Alder.

The last time we caught Mosman Alder was at Falls Festival, where they absolutely killed it. The band disappointed no-one with their set, and they definitely seemed at home on the stage inside the converted commercial hangar. Their harmonies lingered in the air around the enthralled crowd as the group continued to entertain the punters from their first song to their last. Their sound was huge, their tracks were impressive, and their set seemed to be over all too quickly.

Augie March came on to a storm of cheers. The band kicked off their set with one of their newest tracks, Definitive History, before delving into fan favourites like Stranger Strange and The Honey Month. The crowd showed their appreciation of the band through a list of different actions, however one group of ‘experienced’ fans chose to heckle the band with comments and requests for songs. This didn’t faze frontman Glenn Richards, who fired back retorts just as fast as the happy crowd threw them out. The band transformed the room into a place with thick soundscapes that engaged the senses, while talking to the crowd casually between each delicate song. They mentioned that this was their first show in a proper ‘rock room’ all year, and they loved the vibe at The Triffid. It was actually the first time in eight years since they graced Brisbane with their presence, and you could tell the audience appreciated the reappearance. The rhythm section were as tight as the vocal melodies were on point, and the backing vocals entwined as beautifully as they sounded on the records.

“We’re going into a sleep section of the set that I installed here… But it’s alright, because we’re gonna be playing 67 songs.” Richards’ statement elicited cheers from the crowd before he stepped up the mic again.
“Yep, that’s six TO seven songs by the way, it’s an EP length performance.”
The crowd roared with laughter before the previously mentioned ‘experienced’ fans began catcalling for songs.

Their encore consisted of their biggest hits, including Asleep in Perfection and Triple J Hottest 100 #1 Song of 2006, One Crowded Hour. Their 5 song encore seemed to disappear even faster than the 15 songs preceding it, and I for one hope that Queensland will see Augie March play in our state sooner rather than later.

SETLIST: Augie March @ The Triffid, Thursday 30.04.15

  1. Definitive History
  2. Hobart Obit
  3. Maroondah Reservoir
  4. Villa Adriana
  5. Stranger Strange
  6. Dogsday
  7. The Honey Month
  8. Little Wonder
  9. Cold Acre
  10. A Dog Starved
  11. Here Comes The Night
  12. Brundisium
  13. The Devil in Me
  14. Bottle Baby
  15. Owen’s Lament
  16. Never Been Sad
  17. This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers
  18. One Crowded Hour
  19. Asleep in Perfection
  20. There’s No Such Place

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