Love Cats @ The Triffid, Friday 18 September

My favourite band, my favourite song, my favourite venue, my favourite animal. Well a tribute to the former and a nod, wink, slink, hiss, purr to the latter. Man, I’m in musical heaven.. or some parallel nirvanic universe.  I freakin love THE CURE, cats, forests, triffids and Fridays. Got the tee-shirts somewhere to prove it.

I spent a lot of time at The Triffid just the week before for BIGSOUND (is that a week ago?) so feel right back at home in the belly of this beautiful beast. The mythological “triffid” is a human devouring plant and that’s a bit what it’s like inside the inner sanctum/stomach/cocoon of this massive vortex. In a good way.

Some of Bris-bands finest are assembled to pay homage to, not just mine but obviously many others’ favourite group, the mighty, inimitable CURE.

I missed GARETT KATO sadly but enter the glorious guts to the sounds of SILENT FEATURE ERA playing their rendition of Pictures of You from the album Disintegration,
followed by Caterpillar. Each band does two Cure numbers, two of their own originals and two more Cure songs. That’s a pretty sweet deal I reckon. SFE finish off their set with Just Like Heaven and In-Between Days. I had the t-shirt of the latter which I wore through two pregnancies. My offspring have snaffled all my rock shirts.

A few years ago I took my daughters to see THE (real) CURE at BEC when they were about 12 and 14 years old. It was such an amazing mother-daughter bonding experience none of us will ever forget. My eldest went out as soon as legal and had “LOVE CATS” tattooed across the back of her legs (as for my youngest, she never waited ’til she was legal to do anything!).

EDEN MULHOLLAND is up next with quite a twist to his versions of The Love Cats, Plain Song, Let’s Go To Bed and A Thousand Hours. Interesting. Bit of a mixed reaction to the different spin on the much loved originals.

We move like cagey tigers…
The way we walk, the way we talk
The way we stalk, the way we kiss.


Out in the beer garden in the interim I say to a couple of friends, “I hope someone does A Forest. It’s my favourite song of all time”. At The (real) Cure concert with my girls, we were  mesmerised, eyes peeled to the stage, namely on Robert Smith. Then with those opening strains, both my daughters on either side nudged me. “Mum. Mum. It’s your song”. Goosebumps.

“I hear her voice calling my name
The sound is deep in the dark
I hear her voice and start to run
Into the trees. Into the trees…  “

Back in the belly, BASKERVILLAIN perform three numbers from the Imaginary Boys album.
Accuracy, 10.15 Saturday Night and Fire in Cairo. “We had so much fun learning these songs,” they say and  then finish their set with Love Song from Disintegration.

I run into another friend in the interval and just as I repeat how I hope someone sings A Forest, THE JENSENS take the stage and launch straight into it. Yes. I charge to the front, my heart beating with glee, and dance like a fool. Whoa. Friday I’m In Love has everyone singing in unison. Such a good vibe. Everyone is close and grooving along with Close To Me. Sure ain’t no one crying as they round out their brilliant set and the night with Boys Don’t Cry.

What a night. I’m singing the songs at the top of my voice all the way home. Just as well I drove and didn’t take the train.

“Wonderfully, wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty “

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