Live Review: Little May + E^ST + The Ruiins @ Studio 25 / Miami Marketta, 29.05.16

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in regards to venue and crowd size for Little May headlining Studio 56 on a cold Sunday night in a city they’ve never played before, but I was not disappointed.

On arrival I was greeted by the upbeat drums and slightly raspy vocals that belong to local legends The Ruiins. Playing to a small crowd of early birds they managed to fill the packing pallet-lined shed with all the vibes needed to get the night going.

Next up was Sydney-sider E^ST, who came out with upbeat electronic indie music. She managed to almost shock the crowd with her charismatic stage presence, turning heads and getting hips moving in anticipation for the the night ahead.

E^ST smashed out her final song and left the stage, cueing a number of punters to head out and grab one last drink before heading back in for the main event.

After the usual mic and instrument checks the lights dimmed and out strutted Little May.

These three ladies from Sydney; Hannah Field, Liz Drummond and Annie Hamilton formed back in 2012 and since then have really been going from strength to strength, from playing at Secret Garden Festival to winning themselves a Triple J Unearthed spot at 2014 Laneway Festival, releasing their Little May EP, exploring the US, UK and Europe on a 25 show tour and releasing their debut album, For The Company.

And with the Out Of The Woods Festival in Austria and a Splendour 2016 slot coming up it’s safe to say these ladies are definitely not slowing down.

The finger plucking began and the crowd let out an applause to acknowledge opening song, Cicadas. The slow burner eased the audience into their mash up style of indie/folk pop and got the crowd swaying.

They continued the set with predominately slower songs including, Sinks and Bow & Arrow, but with good reason. Hannah explained that their live sets are “like a mountain” and described the whole journey to be “an emotional mountain climb, and right now we’re starting to get to the steep ascent”

Their connection with the crowd was something I really admired, it was very natural and comfortable, Hannah and Liz were timidly chatting on stage and asking the crowd questions and getting warm responses.

Little May were genuinely just happy that people came out to see them on a Sunday night at one of their smaller venues on tour and you could tell by the smiles on their faces after each song.

It was at around this time that the steep ascent began. They decided a cover was in order – none other than Icehouse’s Great Southern Land. There’s no better way to get the crowd dancing and singing than to play an Aussie classic.

A notable feature of any Little May performance is their harmonies, they really know how to create such a beautiful and graceful sound through the harmonics in their voices.

You wouldn’t pick that they were playing their final show after a 11 stop tour across Australia, they played with the energy and charisma one would expect at their first show on tour. They rounded out the night with some of their heavier songs; Dust and Remind Me. By this point the crowd had well and truly reached the top of the mountain and were celebrating with a lot of singing and dancing.

Little May sure do know how to put on a show and take the listener on a journey through their impressive catalogue of music. I look forward to seeing them continue on their rise upwards.

Thanks to Miami Marketta for putting on a great show!



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