Live Review: Felicity Lawless @ The Soundlounge


Am I in Spain? Have I walked not into Currumbin’s Soundlounge but old town Granada itself and unknowingly joined a flamenco circle? This was my literal thought progression when the light that is Felicity Lawless and her band took to the stage.

Her bountiful band consisting of Scott French of Love Street Studios, professed percussion master Brennan Smith and bassist Alex Elfes leapt around the stage like a band of gypsies singing “Hail bohemia, freedom and love.”

Opening with the ridiculously fun Ole, she pays homage to her history of performing at little quirky venues throughout Spain. Purely instrumental bar a few band-heavy “Heys!”, the signature fast-paced climax of traditional flamenco simultaneously satisfied my musical needs for the night and had me grounded where I stood, eager for what followed. Although she picked up a few tips and tricks from the locals on her European travels, she refutes comparison to the style of flamenco.

“Flamenco is really strict” she told Blank earlier this year. “Pretty much anything I do, I don’t stick to the rules”.

Ain’t that the truth.

The pull of the talented musicians was too much to deny; before long the room was inadvertently torn out of their seats to give appropriate recognition to the beauty erupting before us. The reverberating bongos and neck-pumping riff lines were metaphorically removing every spine in the room, with everybody loosening up and getting unashamedly down.

With a focus on healing through music, the reggae slow-jam that broke down Full Moon flawlessly balanced the set, slowing down the heart rate and the mind.

It would be criminal to deny the empowerment lingering at the end of their set – strangers walking by each other exchanging looks of total disbelief at their euphoria, three girls linking arms skipping down the stairs, lovers locked in arms happily exchanging their praises for tonight’s experience.

Humans of the Gold Coast are lucky enough to have this bliss at their doorstep every Tuesday night when Felicity graces the Burleigh Sports Club.

So don your folkiest outfit, bring your “yeehars” and get uninhibited with the locals and this bohemian gem.

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All images courtesy Gina Martin.


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