Live gallery and review: Earth Frequency Festival 2017

Earth Frequency 2017 was quite the experience.

I had seen plenty of Earth Frequency pics and videos from past years, so I thought I was more than ready for my first visit to Ivory’s Rock. I was wrong – we were confronted by the heat, an unquenchable thirst for cold fluids and encouraged to forget about it by newfound friends.

The vision the Earth Frequency crew strive to deliver provides an amazing array of delights from Meditation Classes to body bending Yoga sessions mixed with an eclectic mix of music across four stages. The festival site and surrounding camping areas was well thought out including an alternative market place for food, clothing and art to keep even the most avid bargain hunters at bay. Not to mention the Visual Installations spread throughout the whole festival site and a solid offering from not only Australian Visionary Artists but a very cool blend of International Artists as well.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Stir in around 5000 party goers and some seriously good tunes and you might have half an understanding of what was on offer.

As I lay down for my first nights sleep I had already developed a resolve to return better prepared next year. Reflecting on the six days we spent west of Brisbane, camping, walking, laughing, sharing, finding new ways to overcome the immense heat and partying, I’m definately keen to return for Earth Frequency 2018.

IMAGES (c) Leigh Kelly


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