Little Bigsound is back in 2017

If you work in music, you know QMusic’s industry festival BIGSOUND. It’s “the” event where music industry folk go to receive the best information directly from creative leaders, and as the sun goes down party to some of the best emerging talent from across Australia, and even a few international artists if you’re lucky.

Well now, after a little break BIGSOUND’s younger sister, Little BigSound, is back to give insight to young people who are just one step ahead of their peers.

Little BigSound’s coordinator, Trina Massey, says the event is a combination of different workshops, practical learning situations and networking events that have been brought together to try and help these youth creatives find each other and gain more knowledge.

“So that when they move into the industry, if they haven’t already, they have a greater understanding of what’s happening in the industry and then be able to adapt accordingly,” Trina told Blank Gold Coast.

Local booking agents, record labels, artists, venue owners, producers and digital marketing experts will all share knowledge through workshops that range from industry roundtables where you discuss topics with industry professionals in small focused groups, to Ableton workshops where you create your own music with the help of producers, to big sit-in conferences, where you can listen to advice from artists like Tia Gostelow, Konsti (The Belligerents), Danny Harley (Kite String Triangle) and Hannah Shepherd (Airling) give some insight into what it takes to be the bets of the best.

There will also be live artists performing throughout the day from industry up and comers Asha Jefferies, Ruby Gilbert, TØBI and Twelve Past Midnight.

The event will finish off with a secret headliner which has yet to be revealed.

When asked what session will be the best to attend, Massey had trouble coming up with one single event that is a stand out.

“They are all so good,” she said. “Whatever one you choose, you are guaranteed to get something out of it but If I was going as a creative youth, I’d probably make it a priority to go at least one ‘Round Table’ Session. It’s the perfect place to meet some contacts that could help give you a leg up in the industry.”

Little BigSound takes place 29 July in Brisbane. Check out individual times, speakers, artists and workshops on the Little BigSound website –

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