Listen Out Festival 2018: Live review and gallery | Brisbane | Sunday 30 September 2018

Listen Out 2018 took-over Brisbane for an epic day of stage hopping and head bopping.

The lineup has been discussed fervently amongst music lovers since its announcement in May as one of the best ever for the boutique hip-hop and dance music festival. New and exciting prospects like Glades, Kira Puru and Fisher set the tone for punters and heavyweight highlights Skepta, ASAP Rocky and Skrillex knocked it out of the (rather cosy) Sporting Fields Park in Herston, Brisbane. 

Here’s what we learnt. 

Brockhampton Is The Best Boy Band In The World

Although they were all clad in their familiar jump suit / khaki suit ensemble, the California based hip-hop group brought a unique and individual energy to the stage. Having six vocalists performing at once seems like a ludicrous proposition, but it brought the crowd to the main stage en masse for the first time – kicking off some serious mosh pit construction. 

Having released three albums in 2017 and their new record ‘iridescence’ hitting the shelves one day before touring with Listen Out ‘The Worlds Greatest Boy Band’ had no trouble delivering tunes. Classic singles like ‘SWEET’ and ‘BLEACH’ blared through Sporting Fields. The graceful gestures of lead rapper Kevin Abstract worked in perfect unison with the jaw clenching head banging energy of producer and vocalist Joba.

The Little Guy Held His Own

Playing the same set times as names like Brockhampton and Skepta is never ideal but Gold Coast born and bred house and techno producer Fisher kept a firm hold on his crowd. Peppering classic hits with his own dirty twists and laying down big bouncing tracks of his own like ‘Losing It’ and ‘Crowd Control’ Fisher was a favourite for all those looking to really get those legs moving. 

Meanwhile at the main stage UK grime artist Skepta brought big energy, having white boys with braids in the front row chanting ‘BBK, BBK none of them flex like BBK’ (Boy Better Know is Skepta’s very own record label and grime collective).

A$AP Rocky Pleases The Eyes & The Ears

Known outside of the hip-hop world for his high fashion collaborations with the likes of Raf Simons and GUESS, Rocky brought both worlds together for the second last performance of the night. The stage was adorned with two halves of a wrecked hatch back car along with construction material all sporting the visual iconography of his most recent album ‘Testing’. 

The man himself wasted no time hyping up the crowd; jumping around the stage on the very first song setting off the pyrotechnics at each well deserved hook and chorus. 

Favourites like ‘L$D’ and ‘Everyday’ were belted through the speakers but Rocky mainly stuck to tunes from his latest album, even bringing up Skepta on stage for a mammoth performance of ‘Praise The Lord (Da Shine). 

To close the night off Skrillex shook the grounds of Sporting Fields with deafening WUB WUB WUB’s and eye watering pyrotechnics. There has been talk in recent years if Skrillex can survive in a post dubstep world but the artist had no problem silencing critics with clean sharp remixes of the latest pop and hip-hop singles mixed in with his own classics like ‘First Of The Year (Equinox)’ and ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’.

From deep within the mosh pits to the fringes populating near the exit, everyone came together for a spectacular send off from an animated Skrillex standing on his decks rather than behind them. 

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