Limp Bizkit + Of Mice & Men: Live review and Gallery | The Riverstage | Tuesday 27 March 2018

My everything hurts and I have no voice. That’s right, Limp Bizkit played Riverstage last night. Even if you put in one eighth of the energy that LB did with their show, then you’re definitely sore today. This was a show to remember for years to come.

Orange County’s very own Of Mice & Men joined Limp Bizkit on the bill after having just shared a stage at Australia’s very first Download Festival. The first thing I noticed was drummer Valentino Arteaga, one of the most energetic and crowd-pumping drummers I have ever seen. As the rest of the band joined Arteaga on stage, the crowd blasted into a frenzy. They spent no time making acquaintances, and slammed into ‘Defy’ from their latest album release by the same name.

The band had an endless bag of energy at their ready, giving the crowd nothing but non-stop, heavy, ball-blasting metal for the entire set. Vocalist and bassist Aaron Pauley kept the crowd fuelled in between songs, making sure that not one bit of sweat went unaccounted for in that crowd. True artists of their genre.

It’s hard to know where to start explaining the show that a packed out Riverstage experienced, but here goes. DJ Lethal stood atop his podium with red spotlights saturating him while he played a mix of Beastie Boys and Led Zeppelin to welcome the rest of the band to the stage. I wasn’t long before the entire crowd was energized enough to smash themselves in the best 90’s – 00’s mosh pit that Brisbane has seen in a long, long time.

As we heard a familiar voice cry ‘Ladies and Gentlemen!!’ we collectively went bat-shit crazy. The man himself Mr. Fred Durst arrived on stage, mic at the ready to show us why he IS the number one front man of this day and age. ‘Hot Dog’ showed they had not lost one bit of their swagger. Hit after hit ensued, giving us everything we wanted out of an LB setlist. From ‘Boiler’ and ‘Re-arranged’ through to ‘Eat You Alive’ and, of course ‘Break Stuff’, they punched through every song we wanted to hear. This crowd was about to get heavy, sweaty and nuts.

Guitarist Wes Borland, with his face painted half black and half white absolutely slayed the crowd with his ability to manipulate a guitar to his every command. His style was unique and cannot be mimicked, delivering every note without fault and playing it up to the crowd. It was almost as if there are two front men upon this stage. Borland definitely had his own air of charismatic energy and he played up to the crowd perfectly at every chance. Giving us a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, LB put their own style upon it to gift it to their legion of devoted fans.

John Otto’s drum work was simply amazing to witness; his kit is massive and he takes full advantage of every single piece of it. You can always pick the intro of a LB song by the drums that precede the riff work. He gave every bit of energy to his performance. Flailing about like a madman, he put the back bone into each and everyone of LB’s signature grooves.

It felt right to have DJ Lethal back on the decks. There’s something about his scratch work that is synonymous with Bizkit’s sound. Scratching his way through every song and amping the crowd up to breaking point, Lethal NEVER stopped moving. The guy is an absolute powerhouse that the crowd needs to truly have an authentic LB experience.

As we disembarked from Riverstage, conversation with other fans was plentiful. You just can’t help but feel a sense of camaraderie with your fellow LB fan. We all know we’re going to be sore in the morning; it’s the severity that will vary.

IMAGES (c) Dan Maynard Photography

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