Lime Cordiale + IVEY + Jaguar Jonze: Live gallery and review | Miami Marketta | Friday 8 November 2019

Stage set. Lights on. Let’s go. Opening act Jaguar Jonze can pack a punch. In the interest of transparency, before entering the venue I pictured Jaguar Jonze as some sort of all-male 80’s cover band dressed in leopard. But what graced the stage was a gorgeous solo singer from Brisbane. Playing her sultry song, ‘Beijing Baby’, which is influenced by her Asian heritage but still carried a classic indie rock background. This act could not have complimented both IVEY and Lime Cordiale better, with groovy riffs and subtle sounds echoing the jam-packed walls. She is most definitely one to check out – just keep an eye out for her Kill Bill-esque cover art.

During break, Miami Marketta sported its usual array of mouth-watering food and drinks, but with the ever-humble addition of the Lime Cordiale Cocktail. A little marketing genius goes a long way, with all punters having the green drink in hand.

The good times kept coming with local quintet IVEY. Anyone on the GC right now, in the industry or not, knows this band is going places. A quick piece of history, When IVEY first started gaining traction only one of the members was aged 18-plus, so they often were kicked out of venues the moment their set finished. Now, all of age, IVEY knows how to work the stage. Playing bubbly song ‘Bodies’ had the crowd thinking about the simplicity of love, being “just two bodies in love”.

The crowd was eager for quintet number two Lime Cordiale. Opening the night with smash hit, ‘Hanging Upside Down’, we knew we were in for a good ninety minutes. The chromatic lighting was unlike anything I’ve seen, casting rainbows in the smoke and humidity. What followed was all the hits and more from freshly squeezed album ‘Robbery’.

There were many occasions when diehard fans in the crowd were left wondering, “what’s this one? I haven’t heard this?” but no, it was just the boys casually smashing out some uber-talented instrumentals before seamlessly sliding into the next tune.

Many songs were played with an almost tropical-like bass, and it was this, coupled with the insane humidity which made it feel like we’d left the 4220 postcode and drifted away to Miami, Florida.

The similarities in voice between lead singers, and brothers, Louis and Ollie Leimbach, meant the reverb was all live as they bounced off each other which made the song, ‘Naturally’, unreal. But it would be a lie if the highlight of my night wasn’t watching Felix on the keys, who spent the set with a glass of red in his left hand, and had his fingers dancing around the keyboard in his right.

Closing the night, the band pulled the standard pseudo “thanks for coming” and made a swift exit – but left their drummer hiding in the dark which triggered the usual gig-reveller chant “one more song.” Bursting back out of the back alley door, electric blue guitars in hand, the boys played ‘Temper Temper’.

If you missed the chance to them, or ready for round two, the Robbery tour if far from over.


Images (C) Simone Gorman-Clark

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