Life Apparel: Standing Together

Life Apparel is a boutique Gold Coast clothing brand that collaborates closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to create meaningful, unique designs.

Their newest collection Standing Together was born from the recent tumultuous period where conversations around racial injustice and division have been dominating the social and media landscapes, and features the varied aesthetic styles of artists from around the country including Glenda McCulloch (Kalkadoon), Lara Went (Worimi), Scott Rathman (Eastern Arrernte) and Tyrown Waigana (Noongar / Saibai Islander).

We chatted to Natasha from Life Apparel about their business and the new line.

How does Life Apparel choose the artists they want to work with?

We often select our collaborating First Nations artists from in and around our online community. We are always open to being approached by local and interstate artists – sometimes we find them, sometimes they find us.

Usually, an idea for a collection will be developed and then we will keep an eye out for an artist that we think might work well for that particular theme. We try to select a diverse range of artists from around the country so that we are representing a broad range of artistic styles and cultural stories.

Tell us a bit about the messaging of this line, and the major themes.

The Standing Together collection is aimed at advancing social change and sparking conversations through fashion.

“Our land, our people, our younger generation need us to come together, to work together to build a brighter future for all.” Lara Went, Collaborating Artist.

Each artwork created for the collection sends a unique message of solidarity among all cultures, with an emphasis on Australia’s First Nations community. The theme aims to inspire conversations around the connection between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian communities, with a focus on strengthening that connection through listening, learning and growth.

You can check out the designs over at

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