Lakeside sessions welcome Busby Marou

Following the sell out inaugural concert headlined by Baker Boy, HOTA’s Lakeside Sessions continue with Busby Marou with special guest Bobby Alu.

Busby Marou are currently touring in celebration of the fourth studio album, The Great Divide. This upcoming tour follows the momentum of a huge past year of summer performances and new songwriting material from Tom Busby (hailing from Queensland, Australia) and Jeremy Marou (from the beautiful Torres Strait Islands). The duo rounded off 2018 with their biggest ever headline show, playing to over 3,000 people at their own One Hot Night festival in Rockhampton, QLD. 2019 began with the recording of their fourth studio album The Great Divide with producer Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy), with whom they had an immediate and compelling connection. The album which was born as a result is a powerful chapter in the story of two men from two very different worlds, on the same journey and having reached a new level of maturity.

Busby Marou’s 4th studio album, The Great Divide, is a powerful chapter of the story of two men, from two different worlds, on the same journey. This is the first chapter demonstrating maturity as a result of sharing life experiences.

It’s the wisdom of love, heartbreak and grief. It’s the education by mistakes. It’s the knowledge of truth. It’s the appreciation of the journey. It’s the respect of culture. It’s pride. Proud of where they came from, but more importantly proud of who they’ve become.

The modern face of Australia.

“The great divide is not about division or adversaries. It’s about recognising that we all have a different account of events in our own lives and celebrating how those differences combine to create a unique and colourful story. Without our great divide, there is no Busby Marou story.”

Lakeside Sessions featuring Busby Marou will take place in the Lakeside Room on Sunday 27 October.  Presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts, Frontier Touring, Select Music, Triple M & Scenestr. Tix on the HOTA website.


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