Ladies of the GC: Michelle Merrifield

Yoga educator, trainer and author

Founder of Essence of Living yoga studio in Mermaid Beach, Michelle Merrifield was introduced to yoga by her mum, practicing at Miami Beach Surf Club. She’s a trainer, educator, author, entrepreneur and a queen of multitasking. And she’s humble to boot.

At the ripe age of 22 and in the early days of her business degree at Griffith, Michelle was approached by her yoga instructor to open a studio with her.

“I felt like my fairy godmother had come. I was so ready for this.”

After travelling through USA, India, Indonesia and Thailand acquiring knowledge from her gurus, Michelle has since built her studio to be an internationally recognised yoga and pilates academy. Returning to New York for an intensive program on barre – a fusion of ballet, pilates, and yoga – saw Michelle open the GC up to what would be the trendiest workout going.

“It’s getting a lot of love here. It’s great for people who want to get fit, lose weight and become more flexible”.

If she’s not already busy enough recording Essence of Living TV programs for corporate clients, this power woman is releasing her third book which will be on the shelves in eight weeks.

“It’s not a starve yourself detox, but one where people actually eat.” (Hallelujah!)

“My book is designed for people who train and work hard and who are looking to feel more balanced in life. Between strength and flexibility and eating naturally and organically, we can create equality and harmony in human form that sends a ripple effect into your heart and your mind. How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

In true yogi form, she finished with “As Mahatma Ghandi would say, be the change you want to see in the world.”

Preach it girl. Essence of Living celebrates its 10th anniversary this August.


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