Kelly Slater’s Touch is Gold with New Endeavour Into Music

Now, some of us ‘normal people’ might be good at say, one thing, but exceptional people like Kelly Slater seem to be good at everything he tries his hand at. His latest single, Feelin’ The Feelings is an impressive release from the 11 time Surfing World Champion. I’m sure Kelly has had some pro tips on songwriting from close friend Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), just as Eddie has been given help from Kelly for surfing, a passion they share.

Feelin’ The Feelings sees Kelly collaborate with Brazilian songstress Karina Zeviani, and the melodies these two create throughout this track are incredible. Besides a slightly corny line of “I’m feelin’ the feelings again“, this track is on the whole an acoustic triumph. I am certain I am not alone in hoping that since Kelly Slater collaborated with Karina on this track, that a future release might contain some Eddie Vedder vocals. The track is well worth a listen and fans of other surfer/musicians like Jack Johnson will love Kelly Slater’s latest track.

Kelly Slater did play in the short lived The Surfers, a band he formed in the 90’s with fellow surfers Rob Machado and Peter King, so he definitely has delved into music before, but this latest solo endeavour is the one that I believe is his best. Listen to it and decide for yourself!


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  • […] This might be Kelly Slater’s last run in the world surfing competition, but that doesn’t mean that it will be end of Slater working. He dropped a single mid last year, and he proved that he isn’t just a surfer, by any means. Whether we see Kelly Slater return to Australia to tour a new album or EP remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that we will hear more from him in the future. I reviewed his single, Feelin’ the Feelings, here. […]

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