Katura Halleday: Plea for Mozambique

You may recall that last edition we featured Tallai student Katura Halleday in a piece about her work in Mozambique, teaching art to children.

Recently, some friends of Katura’s had their lives upturned when a cyclone hit Beira, where they live and go to the school. Among the community members affected are the three girls that Katura sponsors so they can continue to go to school, an opportunity that can change their future from one of poverty, to one of hope.

At the time of writing, Katura did not know if they had survived, as all power and communications are down to the area.

The school’s project director has advised Katura via satellite phone that most of the school building has significant damage and all have lost their roofs.  Beira is cut off by flood waters, with approximately 500,000 people affected.

Katura put some thought into what she could do to help.

“I looked to my values,” she told us. “What did I learn on my trip to Mozambique? I learned that I don’t need everything I have at home. So that was my answer, and I need [other students’] help to turn my values into help for my friends and for the King of Kings School community.”

If you feel you can live without something in your life this month, log onto Mission Educate and donate the cost of the item you are willing to go without.  Maybe it is a coffee, a movie ticket or just a soda.  Challenge your friends, your class groups or even your whole year level.

“I am calling on all the youth of the Gold Coast to acknowledge the privilege of their education,” says Katura. “Imagine this was your home, your school, and think ‘today I can step out of my door and say, who is my neighbour, and who can I be helping, rather than what do I need for myself.’”

By giving up something small this month you can help Mission Educate to rebuild the school, offer an education and provide work for teachers and staff to support their families.  For more information please call 0411 143 163 or visit missioneducate.org.

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