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Sarah Massey is a working mum to three kids.  Like most Gold Coasters, she loves the lifestyle and the beach, and is keen to keep our planet as clean and beautiful as possible.  Through constantly trying to problem solve for friends and family who wished to use natural products for their homes and bodies, she developed Health and Wellness Warriors, a group of passionate mums who love to educate about all things essential.  Natalie O’Driscoll spoke with Sarah about her journey so far.

Tell us a bit about the natural products workshops that you run.

The workshops in their current format have really only been running for three months but I feel like we are already making an impact. I work with several girls – we all have young children – and we work together to present different workshops. Our workshops are aimed at empowering people to embrace natural products and reduce waste in their homes.

What is the philosophy behind your business?

To educate people about the benefits of incorporating essential oils into their daily lives every day!

Can you tell me about a product that you recommend making?

One of my favourite workshops is teaching people how to make toothpaste with clove and peppermint oil and showing them biodegradable toothbrushes. Such a small thing can add up to so much waste.  We have an Aromatherapy 101 and Toothpaste workshop on the 1st June if you would like to check it out on Facebook.

What motivated you to start these workshops?

I wanted to educate people on the benefits of using natural products for themselves, their families, their pets and in their homes instead of chemical and synthetic options. Mother nature is amazing and essential oils contain powerful compounds that we can harness to help remedy many household issues. The workshops include a lovely healthy morning tea/lunch from my friend Angela Tam Hall from Fresh Food Friday who caters for us.

Tell us some of the feedback you have received?

The feedback has been so positive! People are amazed how simple natural cleaning and personal products can be.  Simple things such as a blend of essential oils to help calm their children for bedtime have an enormous impact on their lives. I love that every workshop we do is slowly reducing the amount of waste and chemicals used.

For more information and upcoming workshops, visit facebook.com/HealthandWellnessWarriors


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