Local filmmaker enjoys whirlwind success for sophomore feature film ‘House of Inequity’

In April of this year, director Josh Hale of Halestorm Productions premiered his sophomore feature film ‘House of Inequity’ at the Gold Coast Film Festival, after being postponed a year due to COVID-19. This premiere signalled the beginning of a whirlwind success for Josh and his team, winning numerous awards from various film festivals including Gold Coast Film Professional of the Year, Best Director, Best Feature Film and Best Horror Feature.

We sat down with Josh Hale to further discuss his passion for filmmaking, the inspiration behind the multi-award-winning film ‘House of Inequity’ and what’s next for the talented local director.

You premiered ‘House of Inequity’ at this years Gold Coast Film Festival, can you give us a little insight into the film and what influenced you to make it?

The short synopsis is: a day trip takes a turn for the worse when a group of friends investigate an abandoned house. Nightmares quickly become a reality when they’re forced to face their own personal fears and survive a night in the House of Inequity. However, I like to sum it up as: we took a bunch of good looking people, and killed them creatively… Just as all good horror films should do. I’m a big horror fan and wanted to create a cool little throwback gore-based horror flick similar to the ones I would rent from the video store while growing up.

‘House of Inequity’ is a gore-horror film, however your debut feature was a mockumentary comedy… They’re quite contrasting genres, do you have a favourite to direct?

I honestly do not have a favourite genre. Rather than put myself in a box, I’d just like to be a storyteller. The genre doesn’t matter, as long as I like it and I have something to say or an idea to entertain. I enjoy making the audience laugh but I also love watching the audience squirm. I think I’m just enjoying the ride.

What was your favourite part about directing ‘House of Inequity’?

My favourite part of this film was working with a team of super talented, wonderful people that I call my film family. As we shot the film entirely on the Gold Coast, a majority of the team are Gold Coast-based creatives. I discovered some fantastic local up-and-coming actors and built a wonderfully talented lead ensemble cast, with many of them making their feature debut on this film. Our crew were also incredible. There are so many people to thank, everyone who worked on this film was amazing.

‘House of Inequity’ is winning numerous awards at film festivals around the world. Tell us more about that.

We have been very blessed to have our film and some of our team acknowledged. We are winning awards in many categories, indicating that our team on this film was top notch. I am so thankful to be acknowledged by an industry that I have worked so hard to be a part of. Not bad for a low budget indie horror film from the Goldy.

Awards ‘House of Inequity’ has won so far:

  • Best Feature Film, Best Special Effects and Best Gore at the Independent Horror Movie Awards.
  • Best Feature, Best Cinematography and Best Director at the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival.
  • Best Horror Feature at the Los Angeles Film Awards.
  • Best Horror, Best Director, Best Movie Poster and Best Debut Performance (Parker Little) at the Vegas Movie Awards.
  • Best Director award at the LA International Horror Film Festival.
  • Gold Coast Screen Professional of the Year.

Hale is about to embark on a US film festival run for ‘House of Inequity’. Find Josh on Facebook and Instagram: @josh.hale, @houseofinequity and @550_studios.

IMAGE (C) Tegan Hale

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