JENNA takes time to smell the Roses.

Seventeen-year-old Gold Coast singer-songwriter Jenna Cogzell – aka – JENNA, released her debut single ‘Perfect’ in July of 2019 and has just dropped her follow up anthemic feel-good single ‘Roses’.

Arranged and produced by Gold Coast producer Josh Beattie (Parker Sounds, Amela, Luke Howell), the single mixes together highlights from decades of pop into a modern R&B tune that circles around the theme of knowing your worth and not settling for less.

We recently caught up with JENNA to chat about all things ‘Roses’ and get to know the deep-feeling songstress a little bit more.

What is the story behind ‘Roses’ and how did the song come about? 

The song was inspired by how I was feeling that day, I woke up that morning and it was like a light bulb went off in my head. I had recently gone through a breakup and on top of that harassment from people I went to school with. I felt like everything I did someone had something to say about it and I was entirely judged for being myself. The morning I wrote ‘Roses’ was also the morning I realised I had to live my life regardless of what others think. That day is very special to me as it has brought me to the place I am now.

What does ‘Roses’ mean to you?

The song to me means new beginnings. It would be an absolute dream of mine to have people jamming to my song whenever they are feeling down. This song is such a feel-good vibe and has a really strong message behind it.

Who do you take your inspiration from?

I take inspiration from many different people. The people who inspire me most are people who live their life regardless of what others think.

What have you been up to during iso?

I have been doing a lot of baking! I was not the best at it but now since iso I consider myself quite the baker.

You are a singing teacher and perform regularly on the Gold Coast? Could you tell us a little bit about that?

I actually just started teaching singing with the help of Amela Duheric. I absolutely love it! I guess I just love to share the love for music.

Do you have anything else coming up we should know about? More songs in the wings or projects up your sleeve?

Of course! Definitely some more music in the works along with some surprises.

What are your interests when you are not performing and songwriting?

When I’m not songwriting or performing you can bet I’m with my friends. As an extrovert I absolutely love the company of my gal pals.

You can check out ‘Roses’ here, follow JENNA over on her socials Facebook and Instagram  and sign up for a singing lesson with JENNA at Nightingale Music School by emailing


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