Jazz D’Arcy Makes A Shining Solo Return To The Spotlight

Local composer and singer-songwriter Jazz D’Arcy is no stranger to success. The talented Gold Coast virtuoso has played an integral role in the musical composition of Emmy and AACTA Award winning series ‘Bluey’, and has worked as a composer for multiple feature and short films, which have screened in more than 164 countries.

The latest of Jazz’s feature film projects, ‘This Little Love of Mine’, is set to make its worldwide premiere at HOTA on 16 April as part of the Gold Coast Film Festival, coinciding with the talented composer’s release of the film’s title track. (You can also check out our interview with the film’s director Christine Luby in this edition).

‘This Little Love of Mine’ is a romantic comedy starring Australian actors Saskia Hampele and Liam McIntyre as two childhood friends who reconnect unexpectedly on the tropical island of Sapphire Cove.

Filmed safely during COVID-19, ‘This Little Love of Mine’ was the first Queensland feature to go into production after the global pandemic brought the industry to a standstill. As the composer, Jazz scored the film, explaining that music is fundamental in conveying the right emotions to the audience.

“Music is such an important part of film,” she explained.

It has a huge influence but if you’re doing it right, your audience shouldn’t notice the music too much and instead just really feel what’s happening on screen.

‘This Little Love of Mine’ contains over an hour of polished music, prompting an insight into the way Jazz deals with pressure while creating.

“After we chat through all the ideas, my favourite thing to do is go for a long walk and let things marinate,” she told us.

“This gives me time to make some sense out of the ideas swirling around in my brain. The other thing I’ve learned over the years is to let myself ‘play’. Test out all the possibilities and refine it later. Don’t set out with the aim of creating the finished product on the first go.”

A composer by trade but a singer-songwriter at heart, you could say that Jazz D’Arcy is an expert at the creative process. Growing up in a family of creatives who encouraged her artistic endeavours, it’s no surprise that Jazz wrote and performed her first song at only eight years old.

Jazz’s eight-year-old debut was just the beginning of many live performances for the budding artist, including opening to 20,000 people at The Sydney Festival alongside Jungle singer, Emma Louise, and performing her original works at the Queensland Music Awards.

After high school, Jazz stepped away from live performing when she discovered the remarkable creative outlet of film composing. Unsurprisingly, time away from creating her own music has only rekindled Jazz’s steadfast desire to re-emerge as a solo artist. After all, there’s only so long you can keep a performer out of the spotlight.

“I love the puzzle of film scoring and helping to bring someone else’s vision to life,” Jazz said.

“In saying that, I feel at my most free writing and performing my own songs.

There’s an ownership and expressiveness about it that I really appreciate and a pure joy that comes from connecting with people through my music.

Jazz is eager to focus on her own songs this year, announcing a debut EP in the works. Inspired by musical influences including the likes of Florence + the Machine and Maggie Rogers, Jazz aims to create music that hits that sweet spot between making her listeners feel deeply, whilst also getting them on the dance floor.

“It’s been my dream for so long to release an official EP. Through composing, I’ve become a better music producer and I feel like now is the right time to let the songs I’ve been sitting on have their moment.”

Combining angelic vocals, acoustic roots, and smatterings of pop, Jazz D’Arcy’s transition back into the spotlight is sure to dazzle, so we suggest you keep your eyes peeled.

This Little Love Of Mineis premiering at HOTA on 16 April as part of the Gold Coast Film Festival and you can find Jazz DArcy on all major streaming platforms.

IMAGE (C) Byron D’Arcy

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