IVEY are going from strength to strength with the release of their new track Last Week. With the success of their last track, All Things Good, they have been playing shows across the country.

Last Week has that trademark IVEY guitar tone accompanied by a beat that would make anyone want to dance. They’ve stuck to their strengths and contrasted the male/female vocal really nicely. Both Millie and Lachlan take turns to tell their side of the story and then come together in the chorus to create a catchy harmonisation that everyone can sing along to.

The stripped back production of the track gives it a similar feel to the rest of their work and creates a real lo-fi vibe. The fact that the song was all tracked live is a testament to the sound and energy that they’re going for. Cam Alexander had a chat to the band.

Half of you guys are still in school, if I’m correct, do you find it hard to balance school and band commitments?

Well, Matt just graduated as of last week, so not anymore, but yeah it gets really difficult sometimes, but we push through. I mean we’re all individuals and all have our own lives (uni, work, relationships etc) but we find the time. We love this band so it doesn’t ever feel strenuous.

Your Last Week tour is about to kick off, how does it feel to be playing in places like Sydney and Woolongong? I’ve heard the Rad Bar in the gong always has a sick vibe.

Yeah! We played our first show last night in Sydney, and it was so rad, was not expecting a crowd but we had a good little crew there, it was really nice coming to a city you’ve never played in and seeing people dancing to your music. Yeah we’re super excited for rad bar, we’ve heard lots of good things and have lots of good mates in the gong!

What was the inspiration and writing process for your new track Last Week?

It’s all about falling in love very quickly, which is scary and beautiful at the same time. It was written about my current girlfriend, and the intensity between us when we started seeing each other!

I wrote in about five minutes actually, and like always, took it to the band and we re-worked it and then recorded it pretty much live, it’s very different for us as a band but we’re super happy with it.

What’s next for you guys? Are you planning on bringing out more singles, a bigger body of work or just more touring?

To be honest, we’re not sure. We’ll see what happens, we just want to keep building ourselves, so if that comes in the forms of singles or a larger body of work, only time will tell. In touring aspects, we just wanna keep playing shows, that’s all it’s about really, it’s the best feeling in the world.

IMAGE (c) Jake Wilton

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