Introducing Napoleonic Wars: emerging GC chaos merchants premiere new video

We get a lot of emails from bands, here at Blank but when one of them promises “organised chaos” in the growing math rock genre it strikes a chord. Napoleonic Wars are only just finding their feet in the Gold Coast music scene and that’s exactly how they described themselves… “an assorted mix of odd time signatures, heavy guitars and emotive vocals. An organised chaos.”

The four-piece, which comprises Bachelor Popular Music students Jake Morton and Richard Schwenk along with Sean Dawson and Rick Collins all join me for a chat at The Avalon. They’ve been playing together for a year now and started writing their EP almost immediately.

They’ve already had members come and go in that time. “I was there when it started and got busy with work and stuff,” guitarist Rick Collins said, clearly back in the fold. “I felt like I was holding everyone back, but I’m not really that busy now.”

So Rick features on the first half of the upcoming EP. He says the band formed with the goal of writing and releasing. When I ask them about their live experience they say they haven’t played that many gigs, but then they tell me they’ve played ten shows between March and now.

“We’ve spent a lot of time working,” Jake said. “We don’t really like booking gigs unless we have something to promote.”


Image (c) Lamp Photography

Image (c) Lamp Photography


Which is why their 6 November show at Currumbin Creek Tavern is on our radar. They’ll be promoting the release of their new video for Screw You Jurel (see below for their premiere). The track was featured on a compilation album Fecking Bahamas which saw the band gain radio play across college radio in the USA.

“Fecking Bahamas is a math rock blog,” Jake said. “We’ve had a fairly positive response actually and we’ve gotten a lot of opportunities in terms of PR.”

The six-track EP, which was recorded entirely at Griffith University’s Bachelor of Popular Music studios will be out early in 2016 and Screw You Jurel is the first track off it.

The video they’re launching is a collection of studio footage. “All the camera angles are like schwoo, schwoo,” Sean says, sweeping his hands around. “With the long hair it looks like it was recorded in the 80s or 90s.” Jake adds that a lot of effort was also put into editing so it looked like that.

“We see this video as a taste of more things to come,” Richard says, and Jake agrees. “It’s the beginning of our EP release campaign.”

We wrap up by speaking about what punters can expect on the night.

“Chaos,” Richard said. “Organised chaos,” Jake added before Sean pipes up. “If Richard doesn’t end up on the floor, I’ll put him there.”

Check the new video for Screw You Jurel here and catch the lads at Currumbin Creek Tavern on Friday 6 November:



Napoleonic Wars play 6 November at Currumbin Creek Tavern



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