Introducing Georgia Hoareau

There’s a talented new songstress on the block and she goes by the name of Georgia Hoareau. Growing up in a highly musical household, Georgia has spent the last few years busking around the Gold Coast with her brother Will as part of the duo The Genez, as well as honing her own burgeoning song craft.

The first taste of her talent has just come out in the form of her impressive debut single, ‘Seventeen’, a coming-of-age lament belying her tender years. Having recently supported on-the-rise rock prodigy Harry J Hart at his recent EP launch at HOTA, Georgia is looking to springboard into 2022, with a debut EP in the pipeline.

We recently had a chat with Georgia to find out more about her music and what makes her tick ..

Congratulations on your debut single, ‘17’. Can you put us in the picture on the genesis of the track and how it came together?

Thank you! This song started in my bedroom with a guitar on the night of my 17th birthday. The song came from having so many expectations for this age and once I turned 17 it wasn’t what I expected. I think you just realise that the person that you are, never changes but everything else does.

You come from a very musical family. Can you tell us a bit about your formative musical development and how you came to write and perform your own material?

There’s always been a lot of music in our house growing up. Mum used to sing and my parents always encouraged involvement in the arts. My older brother is studying music and working on his career in the industry. We started a duo called ‘The Genez’ in 2019 busking around the Gold Coast which has taught us a lot about performing. My song writing, on the other hand, evolved completely on its own. Like diary entries, I started sitting at the piano every time I felt like I had something to say. I write a lot of songs by myself and for myself which helps me deal with my emotions.

Can you tell us about your backing band when performing live?

My band right now is super cool. I’m fortunate to have my brother Will in my band, who is an amazing guitarist. I’ve done more performances with him next to me than not, so having him by my side is always special. Will plays in Harry J Hart’s band and Harry has become part of our family. He plays bass for me and is incredibly talented. Then I have my awesome drummer, Jay Wolff, who’s done time playing for well-known rock outfit, Mason Rack Band.

How have you found the process of transitioning from writing music at home/in the studio to playing your songs live in front of an audience?

I write all my songs at home and I play them to my parents, so the transition from my bedroom to a stage with an audience is strange but really cool. I love performing but because my song writing is so personal, it sometimes feels a little daunting on stage, whereas at home I can sing it to myself and be satisfied that I only have one person to please.

Who are a few of your biggest musical influences?

I have so many influences and for different reasons. I have artists like Lennon Stella, Catie Turner, Gracie Abrams, Rex Orange County, Lizzy McAlpine and John Mayer who inspire my song writing. Then there’s Billie Eilish and Finneas whose song writing and production I just love.

Are you currently working on any other new material?

Yes! I’m currently recording at Hunting Ground Studios in Brisbane with my amazing producer Joel Myles at HeadAtlas. We have another single ready to release and I’m tracking some brand-new songs which I can’t wait to share. I feel like my writing is maturing in these new songs and the plan is to finish Grade 12 and then work to release the EP early next year. Other than that, I’m constantly writing and striving for lyrics and melodies that capture what I’m feeling.

Outside of music what do you enjoy doing?

I love going out and seeing my friends or meeting new people, I get a lot of inspiration for my writing from being social. I also love reading, acting and animals. I always want to be a vet until I realised, I needed to do a lot more science subjects then I was doing.

Where would you like to take your music for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

I’d like to release more music and hopefully connect with even more people through my songs. The music industry has been hit hard this last 18 months but I’d love to be doing more gigs and playing my music for people. Beyond that I hope to turn this passion of mine into my career.

Georgia Hoareau’s moving debut single, ‘Seventeen’, is out now on all major streaming platforms.

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