Incredible success for Thelma Plum

Thelma Plum has enjoyed incredible success, and there’s a good reason for that. This 19-year-old has worked hard this year; touring, recording and selling out shows. Thelma Plum’s previous tour sold out completely, a feat not many under 21’s could boast. Between working with world-renowned producer M-Phazes and embarking on her second headlining tour with her highly acclaimed Monster EP, Thelma Plum took the time to talk with Kyle Butcher.
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In this year alone, Thelma Plum has scored a spot as a feature artist on triple J Unearthed and has had a massive demand for a follow up tour to her busy 2013 schedule. Thelma Plum has delivered, and she is very grateful for all the support.

“The year has been very nice to me. It was really really cool, 2013’s tour was the first one that I’d ever headlined, and those shows were amazing. I am happy to have two people come and so having a lot of people come and enjoy it was pretty cool. It’s really good to have as much support as I can get, so it’s really lovely. I’ve played the Soundlounge before, I played their last year and it was really fun, so I’m coming back! I’m bringing along some mates of mine, like a Sydney band called Left, they play electronic sort of stuff. My best friend Dalli is opening, and he’s similar.”

Thelma Plum’s second offering, Monster, has seen her being played Australia-wide across community and national stations alike. The Internet has been unanimous in giving gushing reviews, and once again, Thelma was humble in accepting the abundantly positive feedback. The EP was only released this year and it has seen her play Bigsound and land a Falls Festival slot. Thelma Plum has seen the positive responses firsthand in her shows earlier this year, and she said she absolutely loves the response she’s seeing.

“I made this music and it makes me feel pretty amazing that people want to listen to it and hear it. My favourite track always changes, but at the moment it would have to be Monsters. I wrote it while I was in the studio. It was this completely different song that I went in to record, and we played around with it in the studio and I found a new thing that I liked and we went with that, and so that song came from the studio, and it’s really special. It’s about me as a child.”

Thelma Plum’s music truly speaks for itself, and it has given her the chance to work with one of her favourite producers, M-Phazes. This internationally successful hip-hop producer has worked with some of the biggest acts in the world, like Eminem, along with a lot of Australian artists like Gotye and Kimbra. M-Phazes helped create the lush soundscapes on Monster, and Thelma knew straight away that he was a producer she wanted to work with.

“I heard lots of stuff that he had made before and everything he touches is heaven, and he has this really cool ear for things. He is really unique and it is different from everything other producers are doing at the moment, so I wrote those songs having in my mind how they would sound for this EP and I wrote them in a way that I thought he could do something with. There will be so many more collaborations with M-Phazes in the future!”

Thelma isn’t sure what 2014 holds for her, but  writing her debut album is high on her list.

Thelma Plum is making an appearance at Currumbin’s Soundlounge on Friday 28 November. After that, the next chance you’ll have to see this incredible singer is when she plays Byron’s leg of Falls Festival over New Years.

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