Inaugural Artyzan Fair at ONE Arts in 2016

ONE Arts Gold Coast was set up originally by the Burleigh Arts Group Inc in 2014 to promote and support creative people and activities. In keeping with that mission, they will be holding an Artyzan Fair in October of 2016 in order to provide a unique opportunity for artists and crafts persons to showcase handcrafted artworks in their Isle of Capri location.

The concept is designed around an “artist in residence” style where the audience can see local arts and crafts being made and have the opportunity to purchase the work. The motto for the Artyzan Fair is “Hand Made in Australia”.

ONE Arts Co-ordinator Carol Collins explains the philosophy behind it.

“The Artyzan fair was invented from an idea that local grassroots artists lack venues to showcase and sell their work. Only a small minority are picked up by mainstream galleries, the rest often acquire work over the years that often does not even get seen by the public. Some of this work is exceptional.”

“We believe that true hobbyists are largely ignored with their work often not on view to the general public as they often lack the venues in which to exhibit or sell their work.”

Carol continues.

“ONE Arts is working with artists to curate, display and show their work.  Often they find this the hardest part of creating works showing it to the public as many artists can be very sensitive and involved in their artwork.”

Exhibiting at the Artyzan Fair will be popular local not for profit groups such as the Gold Coast Potters, the Gold Coast Sculptors and Spinners and Weavers, Gold Coast Magic and other artisans such as wood turners, visual artists, textile and glass artists and photographers, many of whom will be demonstrating their craft on the day. The aim is to exhibit the artistic talent of the Gold Coast in its various creative forms to local, domestic and international visitors.

Also on display at the Artyzan Fair will be the monthly ONE Arts gallery exhibition titled Creative Quartet (pictured) featuring Claire Beck (Ceramicist) Midge Johannsen (Sculptor) Anne Mossman (Potter) and Diana White (Contemporary Artist). These four women bring a wealth of artistic talent to ONE Arts, all having exhibited in numerous galleries and been headline artists in such events as Swell. It is a great opportunity to see and purchase some of these unique artistic creations.

Entertainment will be featured during the day with many surprise acts. Performers so far include Chinese harpist Chin and students, Accordianist Otto, Japanese drummers, multi- cultural dancers and more to be advised.

Roving entertainment will be provided by various local community artists as well as yummy street food vendors to keep those creative juices flowing. The plan is to build support for this innovative event as the model of the Artyzan Fair is continually developed in the lead up to and during the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

The Artyzan Fair is being held on Sunday 2 October from 9.00am to 3.00pm at ONE Arts, Cnr Verona St and Via Roma St, Isle of Capri.

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