Hussy Hicks are back with some new friends

The Hussy Hicks are at home on the road – or so it seems. These two talented ladies spend most of their time lugging guitars on and off planes, boats, cars and stages all over the world. But Gold Coast is home and we are thrilled that they’re back for a short stay.

And, as usual when they’re on home turf, they’re rounding up some of their friends just for you.

Sunday 6 April sees Julz Parker and Leesa Gentz (the hussies themselves) come together for another Circle of Friends with Marshall O’Kell, Nick Saxon and, as Julz herself says “a 20 year old super talented West Australian called Morgan Bain.”

The last Circle of Friends featured Kim Churchill, Bobby Alu and Brooke Supple. Julz is still frothing about the “fantastic afternoon.”

” The turn-out was amazing it was like everyone who came to the first one came back and brought two friends. It seems to be a really popular show that everyone gets something out of.”

“Marshall, Nick and Morgan are all wonderful musicians as well as being great songwriters so I’m really looking forward to lots of jamming and hearing what colours everybody brings to the sound.”

The ladies last threw a Circle of Friends show in Fremantle and Morgan joined them then. “He is one we’re really proud to introduce to everybody there,” Julz said.

“He has an amazing voice and is really coming in to his own as an artist and its really hard to believe he’s only 20.”

“We actually met Nick Saxon (pictured) through Marshall years ago so they’ve done a bunch of gigs together too so that extra chemistry will hopefully lead to some great moments.”

Circle of Friends is a songwriting focused gig where The Hussy Hicks invite a few of their wonderfully talented friends to come and share some songs and stories in a stripped back intimate environment.

“We all sit on stage at the same time and just take turns playing one of our songs  while the others either join in or listen or sip a beer. Its great for the short attention span generation that we’ve become because you never get two songs in a row with the same singer so it moves really quickly. Its all unrehearsed but we try and keep fill the circle with the right elements to create some magic.”

You can join the Hussy Hicks, with their special circle of friends at Miami Marketta (Rabbit+Cocoon), Sunday 6 April. Tickets and details at The ladies are also playing Street Food Marketta on Saturday 5 April.


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