House Rules: High Stakes features local artist Jeska Valk

Award-winning Gold Coast artist Jeska Valk is known for the complex detail in her intricate portrait artworks, and now her art has been exposed to a whole new audience thanks to ‘House Rules: High Stakes’.

The popular Channel 7 show recently featured a few pieces from Jeska’s ‘Lace Series’ as a part of their partnership with Gold Coast-based online gallery Art Lovers Australia.

For Jeska, an artist who has dedicated so much to her work, the news that she was going to be appearing on the show was overwhelming.

“I remember calling my mother immediately after, screaming at her for a good five minutes. Then hanging up to call my husband, doing the exact same thing,” she said.

When we spoke to Jeska before the show aired, she was determined not to let current circumstances interfere with the occasion, and was still planning on having a safe celebration with loved ones.

“I’ll be having a Skype party with my family, with my husband and puppies beside me.”

Most people in Jeska’s position would be experiencing at least a touch of nervous anticipation ahead of the event, and she was no exception.

“There’s always a little bit of nerves, but more so for the contestants. I really want them to do well,” Jeska told us.

Jeska needn’t have worried, as contestants Laith and George absolutely loved the Gallery Hallway from Tanya & Dave’s renovation.

Laith said, “This artwork is amazing!”, while George said,

“You know a good painting, when you cant turn away.”

Of course the intricacy and skill in Jeska’s work speaks for itself, but she also has a message she wants to convey with her art, more specifically, her ‘Lace Series’.

“For me, this series represents strength and resilience despite being at times, fragile and vulnerable. Lace is significant throughout my work. Beginning with one single thread and intertwined with many, lace represents delicate beauty and strength.

“I guess I hope that my paintings will serve as an inspiration to stay strong through turmoil.”

Hopefully you caught Jeska’s episode of House Rules: High Stakes, but if not, never fear, you can catch up on 7 plus. You can find more info about Jeska and her work over at Arts Lovers Australia.

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