HOTA ramps up live music offerings for the rest of the year

HOTA has got it going ON, when it comes to live music for the rest of 2019. From emerging artists to larger-than-life legends, the music scene at HOTA, Home of the Arts is brimming with sounds of jazz, hip-hop, classic rock, pop and plenty more.

HOTA’s new Sunday arvo Lakeside Sessions is about to launch with headline act (and one of 2019’s hottest hip-hop stars) Baker Boy (4 Aug). Curated by Graham ‘Asho’ Ashton and the team at Footstomp Music, these new Sunday arvo sessions will take place lakeside at HOTA, with the Surfers Paradise skyline in the background. A great view, food trucks, good drinks and great artists – what’s not to love?

Keen to check out the next big thing? Playing in the Basement at HOTA, check out indie-pop darling Bella Paton (26 Jul) with the launch of her EP Early and the electro-pop sounds of Ella Fence (31 Aug), and her new album Don’t Feed the Monster.

For a whole heap of shambolic analogue glory, Tim Rogers’ Liquid Nights in Bohemia Heights (11 Aug) brings the You Am I frontman’s Liquid Lunch radio programme out of the Double J studios and onto the live stage alongside Astrid Jorgensen and Patience Hodgson.

Part music, part storytelling, Stories in the Key of GC (18 Oct) will weave their tales in amongst a soundscape of live sound design by Cold Ghost, the moniker for Gold Coast musician Fletcher Babb, hosted by ABC’s Bern Young.

Pop fans can catch Kate Miller-Heidke (5 Oct), fresh from Eurovision in May this year to perform old and new hits, while British singer-songwriter James Morrison (22 Sept) will touch down as part of his ‘You’re Stronger than You Know’ tour.In the pop-cabaret-theatre realm, Naomi Price (The Voice Australia) and the team behind runaway hits Rumour Has It and Wrecking Ball present Lady Beatle (14 Aug), a kaleidoscopic journey through the Beatles’ most monumental hits.

If you’re after a bit of classic rock, Jimmy Barnes, Jet and Thirsty Merc (20 Oct) will take over HOTA’s outdoor stage, electrifying audiences with one of the greatest catalogues in the history of Oz rock.

Jazz fans can catch the Gold Coast Jazz and Blues club at HOTA with The Trombone Kellie Gang (7 Aug) playing raunchy trombone and groovy rhythm guitar, while The Soul Men (4 Sep), will present more than a Blues Brother tribute – more of a time machine, back to an era where dropping the bass actually meant dropping your bass guitar.

If you like your jazz with a more world-music/folk sound, A Woman’s Song (27 Jul) features five amazing female artists – Nadia Sunde, Marcia Howard (Goanna & The Voice), Zardi, Parissa Bouas (The Hottentots) and Rebecca Karlen and jazz ensemble Estampa – celebrating 10 years of MothersMilkBank Charity.

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