HOTA rages on(line)

HOTA is definitely not letting us miss them, delivering a range of awesome stuff to living rooms everywhere.

From art classes, comedy, and news as you’ve never seen it before through to in-depth artist interviews and the quirkiest of arts experiences, everything that you would’ve had a taste of walking through the HOTA doors you can now enjoy from the comfort of your couch.

Here’s just a little taste of the current Rage On(line) programs available for your viewing pleasure:

Comedy Underground Podcast

Comedy Underground is headed to the Basement at HOTA on Friday nights as soon as we’re allowed to rip the face masks off. But, while we are quarantined and out of work, we’re itching for an audience.

The Comedy Underground Podcast is an outlet in the form of a comedy podcast and video series where the comics from all over Australia and the world who make the Gold Coast a destination on their touring schedule join Josh (former morning radio host and current producer) and Dalton (comedian) while they are quarantined in the Basement.

Comedy Underground Podcast will go live below at 5pm on Fri 1 May, Fri 8 May, Fri 15 May and Fri 22nd May. More here.

The Farm’s safety tips for a new reality

These short safety videos are to help us come to terms with our new reality of working from home and designed for a bit of comic release from the stresses involved.

Not to be taken lightly or seriously, The Farm will deliver three episodes on work/home safety tips about everything from the hazards of children to the emotional distance of social distance.

The Farm’s safety tips for a new reality episode 2 – working with children, will go live here on Sun 10 May, 6pm.

And just for funsies, here’s an awesome interactive colouring book funded by HOTA’s Rage Against The V(irus) initiative and created by local illustrator Eric Koo. It’s designed for you to include your own drawings – maybe you’ll add your family, pets, and friends (real or imaginary), use ideas from memories or dreams. What do you remember from the last time you went to the beach? Enjoy!

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