Hard To Believe: Gold Coast Premieres Organ Harvesting Documentary

A recent three year investigation has uncovered almost 100 Australians who have bought organs illegally overseas.  With a lack of legal donors available and with waiting lists many years long, desperate patients have turned to the black market organ trade of poorer countries, in some cases facilitating the murder of prisoners for organ harvest or offering money for kidneys to destitute families.

The documentary film Hard To Believe about the killing of prisoners of conscience in China for their organs, premieres on the Gold Coast on Friday, 12 August 2016, and sheds some in depth light on this terrifying trade.

The documentary, produced and directed by two-time Emmy Award-winner, Ken Stone, in coproduction with Irene Silber and Swoop Films, is a serious investigation into one of the most horrifying human rights abuses of our time and the response – or lack of it – around the world. The murder of prisoners of conscience in China and the unlawful sale of their organs to foreign patients, comes to life through personal stories, including an author’s 7-year investigation and a surgeon’s confession.

Watch the trailer here.

The Gold Premiere of Hard to Believe is showing at Griffith University on Friday 12 August at 6.45pm. UK based award winning China analyst and investigative journalist, Ethan Gutmann, featured in the film, will attend the premiere on the Gold Coast, joining an expert panel of speakers for Q&A after the screening. Tickets at Eventbrite.

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