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Gold Coast photography, film and video production company The Edit Suite have carved out an industry-wide reputation for high quality, professional work over the last six years, and have built up a long-standing relationship with many of the coast’s movers and shakers, including the Gold Coast Music Awards (GCMAs).  Helmed by Josh and Kara Hamilton, The Edit Suite has contributed hugely to the local visual and entertainment landscape and is about to embark upon yet another GCMAs adventure in 2021. We caught up with Kara ahead of the event to see just what the hard working team have been up to.

Last time we chatted you’d just pulled together the virtual Gold Coast Music Awards for 2020 – an amazing job, even more so when you consider how last minute it was! Where does that job stand in your memory compared to others you’ve done?

This project was both exciting and challenging for us as we’d never produced something of that length and with so many different collaborators involved. Our team was tasked with piecing together multiple clips from music artists in a cohesive fashion all whilst emulating the Gold Coast Music Awards brand to produce one epic live streaming event.

The GCMA team is awesome to collaborate with and we’re really grateful that they allow us to explore our creativity on such projects so we can deliver the best content possible. The virtual live stream was the perfect opportunity for The Edit Suite to support the local music scene and allow GCMA to continue the incredible work that they do for the Gold Coast community.

You’ve recently done an incredible video with last year’s Gold Coast Music Prize winner Dennis. Can you tell us a bit about the production?

For the second year in a row, The Edit Suite team contributed a video production package worth over $5,000 and as a result we were so stoked to work with the incredibly talented award winner, Olivia Dennis aka DENNIS. There were two of DENNIS.’ songs that needed creative visuals and we decided to conceptualize ‘Stuck In My Ways’ because we really liked the baseline and driving lyrics and knew we could create something epic with that.

Throughout the pre-production process, The Edit Suite collaborated with DENNIS. on the storyline for the music video which has a strong focus on a female character looking for her home. This visual prospect of Jumpinpin at Stradbroke Island has always been at the back of our minds and we felt that this was the perfect opportunity to finally shoot something out there! Our inbox was flooded with people asking “where is this?” and “how do we get there?” so that was a bonus to highlight such an awesome location as well. The whole team was super happy with how the music video turned out; it delivered on the key storytelling elements we wanted to put across and aligned beautifully with DENNIS.’ creative vision for the song.

Touching wood here, but how are you feeling about finally getting back into the saddle and doing the music awards live this year?

Our whole team is just ecstatic to be involved with the awards again this year and have all of our fingers and toes crossed that the event will indeed be live! It’s no secret that the music industry has taken a massive hit over the last 18 months. This is why we’re so eager to help local musicians thrive again by contributing our videography and live streaming services to the event. Plus, with the music awards being a part of the SPRINGTIME festival this year (which has an insanely good lineup we might add), the event is sure to be next level.

Is there anything coming up you’re particularly excited about?

There’s so much to be excited about for the next 6 months! With many organisations and events leaning more into the virtual space, we’re really looking forward to offering our creative live streaming services to help successfully deliver that content to broader audiences. We’ll also be continuing our partnership with Tourism Australia providing photography and videography for the incredible National Experience Content Initiative, which has already taken us to a number of amazing places throughout Queensland, which we’re so grateful for. With a strong focus on the Brisbane region, the next few weeks on this project will see us climbing bridges, exploring museums, whale watching and camel riding so stay tuned!

The Edit Suite are proud partners of the Gold Coast Music Awards 2021. Visit theeditsuite.com.au for more.

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