Hangin’ five: Von Villains

We’ve such big fans of Von Villains, we had them play the Gold Coast Music Awards after-party last year. They’ve got a new single under their belt, which they just launched at elsewhere and they’re thinking about touring down the east coast now that they’re close to honing their sound. Cam Alexander caught up with the lads.

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Your new single Losing My Mind was recently released, what was the recording process like on this track?

We recorded it at Blind Boy Studios in Nerang with Brad Hosking, it’s his home studio so we just kicked it back there with him. He’s got this really old sound desk, which is why it’s called Blind Boy Studios cause apparently Ray Charles used to use the same desk.

Your single launch was a couple of weeks ago at elsewhere, what was the atmosphere like?

Jack was the atmosphere, the alcohol level of his breath was getting everyone drunk. But yeah it was sick, everyone was having a good time. It was our third single launch there now and we were chuffed that everyone showed up. elsewhere’s super good, they’ve done us really well so every time we go back there, they always help us out.

You recently filmed a video clip for Losing My Mind, how was that experience?

We’ve pretty much gone from not doing any video clips to doing a really elaborate clip, so it was pretty hectic. We learnt heaps, it was fun as, plus we got free pizza. (Shoutout to Jordan Hourigan and the crew). We were originally going to film it at an abandoned warehouse out in Logan, but we ended up getting kicked out, so we filmed it at Expressive Grounds in Tallebudgera.

It seems as though there are more and more venues for bands to showcase their talent popping up around on the coast, places like NightQuarter and Miami Marketta to name a few. Do you think the music scene on the Gold Coast will continue to grow, bringing bigger Aussie acts here and helping out the local talent as well?

Yeah definitely, the lockout laws aren’t going to help, but it will definitely help bands from the Gold Coast. There needs to be a venue which can hold big enough crowds, which NightQuarter is, if they end up making a night where it is more of a gig, rather than a family event, they could get some bigger bands in and sell those gigs out.

If we have more venues that can hold bigger bands and bigger crowds it will help local Gold Coast bands have support slots. Getting to see your favourite is awesome, let alone playing with them. We played the NightQuarter a couple months ago and it was so much fun, it has a massive stage and has so many people there, it definitely has massive potential.

Whats next for Von Villains? Will you guys be doing some touring or back to writing more songs for an EP or album? 

We love writing and recording so we’re constantly writing. But yeah we’re in the process of working up something, we’re cooking a tour. We’ve only toured between here, Sunny Coast and Byron, so we definitely want to branch out. Sydney and Melbourne would be awesome, there’s just a lot of competition down there and a lot of bands. We’re just trying to get our sound together, which we’re pretty close to doing. There was a transitional period a month or two ago where we were playing a set of this and a set of that. But in order to compete and make an impression on people in other cities, you’ve gotta have a very distinct sound and persona. We’ve been continually working on our sound for almost three years now and we’re almost there.

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Von Villains join forces with Borneo, Yes Sir Noceur and Radolescent for Off The Tracks at Miami Shark Bar, Saturday 18 June.

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