Exploring people’s connection to the Gold Coast through art – Guy Cooper

Gold Coast artist Guy Cooper is inviting your input into a new project that explores people’s interconnectivity with the city.

The musician, sculptor and producer is part way through developing an immersive audio visual experience that dives deep into how the people, places and natural values of the Gold Coast are connected.

Guy is using a multi-faceted approach to represent those connections.

“Exploring the connection between these can bring a deeper awareness of how the Gold Coast feels,” Guy said.

“Utilising dynamic cinematography, ambisonic location audio & soundscapes and contemporary music arrangement and production, it is my goal to create an audio and visual experience that explores the interconnectivity and tells a story of the Gold Coast.”

“From the macro to the medium and wide, a story of connectivity between what binds us as a city is waiting to be explored,” Guy said. “The true heart of the Gold Coast may be in how we are connected, patterns and vibrations are found in our natural surroundings, man-made structures and in the daily lives of our people.

To gather information about how people connect with the city and its natural assets, Guy is inviting people to share their thoughts and feelings via a simple online survey. And once you submit your responses you get to see how others responded which is ultra cool.

You can complete the survey at Guy’s website: http://interconnectivitygc.com

Guy’s information gathering exercise reminds us that we’re all connected to the Gold Coast in many ways and that its natural assets drive a lot of that connection.

“We are uniquely blessed with a city that is situated between lush tropical rainforests and epic long-spanning golden beaches,” Guy said. He says he would like this to be a story of “us” and the space “between us”, a journey in search of the essence of the real Gold Coast and the vibrations that exist and create the interconnectivity between it all.

The project is being supported by City of Gold Coast GENERATE GC Program in a partnership with Salamanca Arts Centre and Situate – Art in Festivals.


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