Repair Cafe returns

Gold Coast Repair Cafe

If you’re like me, you’ll be reluctant to add to landfill. In days gone by, we simply did not throw out a pair of broken shoes. We fixed them. Electronics, clothing, household goods, camping gear? That stuff was precious. We worked hard to pay for it and we worked hard to maintain it. When it tore, cracked, stopped working or looked a little worn, we fixed it and continued to use it. Not so much these days. Companies factor in redundancies into electronic equipment and goods like clothing and shoes just don’t last like they used to.

But do not fret. An incredible not-for-profit organisation and its committed volunteers are here to help YOU sort your shit.

Repair Cafe, hosted by the Gold Coast Tool Library is a drop-in cafe-style event where you can meet people skilled in mending and fixing. You bring your broken household items and together you attempt a repair. The swiller repairers work with you to help you fix your item. You learn new skills and build knowledge in the lost art of repair. And it all goes down over a cup of tea or coffee.

People bring in all sorts of gear to these pop-up events: clothing and textiles, electronics, toys, bikes, fashion jewellery, tools, kitchen gadgets and anything else you can carry in.

There are 2000 Repair Cars all over the world and this number is growing alongside the movement of people who refuse to add to our landfill woes.

What’s even more incredible is that there is no cost for the repair work. You do need to cover the cost of any spare parts though.

The next Gold Coast Repair Cafe takes place on Sunday 13 June at Arundel. Held at the Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise Project Shed, located at 175 Napper Road, the drop-in event will run from 10.00am – 1.00pm. This month’s event is a collaboration the Rotaract Club of Gold Coast Makers and Gold Coast Tool Shed as part of GC Green Week.

For more information about Gold Coat Tool Library and other repair events, visit


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