What makes a good song? HOTA staff speak ahead of Gold Coast Music Awards

Gold Coast Music Awards Song of the Year finalists 2018

Just like art, music is completely subjective. Technically there are elements which make a song a good one, but beyond that (or even in spite of that), a song will connect with a listener for many reasons – not all of which can be articulated easily.

When judges for the 2018 Gold Coast Music Awards gathered to listen to the 51 tracks nominated for the Song of the Year category, sponsored by HOTA – Home of the Arts there were a number of elements they were listening for. Lyricism and musicality was top of the list but innovation and originality, creativity and production were there too.

Of the 51 songs nominated in this year’s awards, nine were named as finalists. Now that the judges have had their say, we thought we’d ask our friends at HOTA to share with us what makes a good song for them. Here’s what they said…

Criena Gehrke, HOTA CEO

Music is the universal language of humanity and emotion so you just automatically feel a connection with a good song. The other thing that makes a good song are great Gold Coast artists.


Rob Loudon, Precinct Marketing and Community Engagement Manager

A good song doesn’t have to be complex, sometime a three chord song can be just as powerful. A good hook, beat and lyrics and I’m happy.


Bree Dokic, Reception

Lyrics that create a connection and are memorable. A beat that makes you want to dance.


Jaqi Kair, Coordinator Sponsorship and Relationships

I’m not sure who said it but…Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart…plus of course rhythm, melody, decent lyrics.


Now that we’ve heard from HOTA, how about we hear from our finalists? Here’s the nine songs which made the shortlist for this year’s Gold Coast Music Awards Song of the Year category, with winners announced this Thursday:

Gold Coast Music Awards 2018 – Song of the Year finalists Spotify Playlist

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