Gold Coast’s best new music – November 2018

Never let it be said that Gold Coast artists are an idle bunch. Take the sheer volume of songs being released this month. It’s mental. We’ve got new tracks from Electrik Lemonade (which we’ll review in depth next month) as well as Athena Joy, Dan Carroll and New Age Notion.

Th’Fika make a much-welcomed return, San Mei has a new track and Grace Hughes has re-emerged with new moniker ‘Yorke’ (as well as a new song).

Check out the latest batch of bangers from the city by the sea.

Heaven for San Mei

San Mei has well and truly shaken off the bedroom producer moniker with her new single – the title track off forthcoming EP ‘Heaven’. The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Oscar Dawson, with the support of a City of Gold Coast RADF grant. The song sees San Mei stay true to the gritty, guitar-driven groundwork laid on her previous single ‘Wonder’ which was championed by triple j before being added to rotation. This move landed San Mei as the 6thmost-played unsigned artist on triple j in the weeks after its release. This is a solid slice of dream pop, but what sets San Mei apart from other artists of the same genre is her passion for wailing guitars, which are delivered in ‘Heaven’ alongside her lush vocals. The EP is set for release on 2 November and she hits Miami Marketta supporting Holy Holy on 23 November, but in the meantime you can get a little dose of Gold Coast music heaven via spotify.

Into Tomorrow for Dan Carroll

Dan Carroll has had an interesting musical journey and indeed plays an integral role in Gold Coast’s musical evolution – both onstage and off. He’s played in bands since the age of sixteen, experienced the heyday of Gold Coast’s music scene with his indie outfit Fluid and has written hundreds of songs – recording more than 60 of them. His latest track ‘Into Tomorrow’ sees Dan step away from his role as frontman of City Over Sand to deliver emotional lyrics, baring heart and soul, armed just with a guitar. Production is kept to a minimum here and there’s more than a touch of country, with the song showing a great deal of vulnerability as well as Dan’s exceptional talent for songwriting. You can listen now on Soundcloud.

Yorke emerges, with First Light

Previously known as Grace Hughes, 20 year old Byron via Gold Coast artist Yorke has released her debut single ‘First Light’. It’s a bright and airy offering with Grace’s flawless vocals taking centre-stage alongside sparse electro-beats, keys and punchy percussion. Having written music for more than a decade (and having local producers like Scotty French sing her praises years ago), Grace AKA Yorke has been leaving her mark, honing her live performance and song writing skills but this track shows a new level of maturity, what some might describe as a brooding aesthetic. But there’s still plenty of pop hooks and catchy melodies in ‘First Light’, which you can listen to via Spotify.

Stoned Little Georgia

Little Georgia have released the second single off their debut studio album due for release 2 November. ‘Stoned’ sees Justin Carter and Gold Coast’s Ashleigh Mannix deliver impeccable harmonies and classic Americana vibes in this track (it was written on a mandolin). They’ve literally spent the past three years touring the world and they’re about to embark on a massive Australian tour for local fans – which sees them take in both Australian Music Week as well as the Gold Coast’s Mo’s Desert Clubhouse on 16 November. While you await the new album, you can take a listen to ‘Stoned’ on Spotify.

Hollow release for Hannah Rosa

Gold Coast singer-songwriter Hannah Rosa has returned after a four-year hiatus with a haunting new track in the form of ‘Hollow’. Hannah’s vocals shine bright in this song, and while there’s flawless production, gentle guitar and ambient electronic flourishes, it really is Hannah’s voice and songwriting ability that take centre stage. ‘Hollow’ is a stunning re-entry to music-making for Hannah. You can listen on Spotify.

Chavez Cartel unleash Bipolar Express

It’s the debut song from a brand new outfit and it’s full of fat guitars and poignant lyrics related to mental health. Lyrics aside, I knew this song was a winner from its very first chords. Switching between verses which focus on Ben Simpson’s deep voice and moments where it’s nothing but guitars, ‘Bipolar Express’ was produced by ARIA Award winning producer Govinda Doyle. Chavez Cartel is Jack Kelly (lead guitar) Ben Simpson (vocals), Benjamin James Bentley (rhythm guitar), and Tom Isaacs (drums). You can listen to their first musical offering via Soundcloud or triple j Unearthedwhile you await the arrival of their EP in early 2019.

Th’Fika makes Peachy Rosie return

Girl can sing. Honestly. If you’ve never seen Lily Budiasa live, you need to seek her out. And that sheer vocal talent is perfectly embodied in new track ‘Peachy Rosie’ which sees Lily reunited with her Th’Fika bandmates. It’s been a little while between drinks for the Gold Coast act, who managed to sell out their elsewhere single launch way back in 2016 and this new offering is a bloody stunning effort. With wailing guitars, on-point production and cinematic vocals, ‘Peachy Rosie’ is one part melodrama, one part rollicking sing-along fit for the masses. It’s so nice to have these guys back. You can listen to ‘Peachy Rosie’ via all the usual places. We’re big fans.

New Age Notion Wipeout

With a track name like ‘Wipeout’, I’m expecting surf guitars to open this new track from New Age Notion but it’s more electronic than rock in its opening notes. That changes quickly, with McErlean’s balladeer-style vocals kicking in alongside an undeniable element of pop-punk. There’s shiny guitars and the perfect sing-along chorus, but you can also clearly hear a greater exploration on production from the three-piece who flit between Brisbane and the Gold Coast as their base. You can listen to ‘Wipeout’ on Soundcloud.

Gorgeous release for IVEY

Local five-piece IVEY have dropped a brand new EP and it totally lives up to its name. ‘Gorgeous’ is a short and sharp release with just five tracks, which collectively show a sound that is maturing in terms of production and dynamic depth, while staying true to the indie pop roots where they found their feet. Where IVEY really excel though is in the live arena and with a national tour now unfolding around the new EP, we’re expecting to hear all kinds of awesome things from other cities. They’re taking ‘Gorgeous’ on the road, taking in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Wollongong before returning to the Gold Coast for a triumphant end of year party at Miami Shark Bar, 22 December. You can listen to ‘Gorgeous’ now via Spotify.

Taylor’s One Long Breath

Described by Anthony Gebhardt as “heartfelt, folk inflected pop-rock with a darkly theatrical bent in turns intricate, sweepingly moody and drivingly rousing, then beguiling” Gold Coast five-piece Taylor have returned with a new EP ‘One Long Breath’.Since 2010 the band have delivered two highly impressive, stylistically contrasting full length albums, steadily going about building up a loyal following for their swooning oeuvre. And this year has seen them deliver two standout singles in the form of the gorgeously moving ‘Little Tornado’ and the moody, driving ‘Crush Me’.These tracks serve as a precursor to (and will be contained on), the band’s outstanding new EP, ‘One Long Breath’, which was recorded in the classic ‘reel to reel’ live to tape format of yore at The Aviary studio in Melbourne, with on-the-rise producer and muso George Carpenter at the helm. It’s out on 16 November, which happens to coincide with their live show (supported by Karl S Williams) at the Soundlounge – an epic celebration of Gold Coast music.

Athena Joy celebrates the Weekend

Local starlet Athena Joy has again delivered a perfect slice of dreamy electro pop in her new song ‘Weekend’, which is out 2 November. She says “it’s kind of about working too hard and burning out at your day jobs and constantly dreaming life will get better – something I feel a lot of artists can relate to.” With angelic vocals and slick production, there’s emotion aplenty in this new track, which you can listen to via all the usual outlets from 2 November.

Ella Fence is not your Call Girl

She’s back… with the help of a council RADF grant, Ella Fence has been extremely busy writing and recording new music and her new track ‘Call Girl’ produced collaboratively with Vinnie LaDuce shows just how much her sound has evolved. This track is a far cry from the songs on her debut EP ‘Wanderlust’, which isn’t to downplay how awesome those songs are. It’s just that ‘Call Girl’ and some of the recent tracks which have preceded it are full of dramatic beats, bold synths and Ella’s increasingly powerful vocals. The track comes on the back of her Kate Miller-Heidke and Regurgitator support slot and playing to thousands at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, but her digital performance just reinforces her live success – collectively, Ella’s work has had 1.25 million Spotify streams. You can listen to ‘Call Girl’ on Spotifyor catch her live at Australian Music Week where she’ll showcase to an international audience. There’s an album due in the new year, so stay tuned for those details too.

Tiarne drops Lights

Brisbane artist Tiarne has released a new coming-of-age gem in the form of ‘Lights’, an up-tempo electro-pop number which showcases industrial guitar licks and solid instrumentation. Produced by Gold Coast’s Dylan Lindquist (Clawmachine), the new track layers Tiarne’s airy vocals over some interesting production elements while telling the tale of moving away from family and friends to the big lights of another city. “Lightsreflects that moment when I finally felt like ‘Yes! This is home now and I love it,” said Tiarne, who previously called the Gold Coast home. You can listen to the new track, which is out now, on Spotify.

Two tracks for Two Birds One

Two Birds One, AKA Michael Cameron and Shoota Tanahashi have kicked around in a bunch of Gold Coast bands – Aquila Young and TH’FIKA amongst them. Shoota’s just returned from a ten-month sabbatical in Japan, and hence Two Birds One is reborn, with quite aptly, two new songs (and a live set to be debuted in 2019). ‘Wasted Wednesday’s’ has an underlying theme of discordant synth, ably fitting the theme of the track, wobbly synth notes underpin a lazy yet hypnotic beat. ‘Best Intentions’ opens with ambient production and laid-back instrumentation before the vocals kick in, oozing emotion. Both songs fuse unique beats, synthesiser and a bitingly atmospheric sound. Listen via Soundcloud and keep your ears peeled for news of a live show early next year.

New Illusion for Atticus Chimps

Heavily influenced by punk, grunge and funk from the nineties and noughties, Gold Coast three-piece Atticus Chimps deliver everything from melodic love songs to fast-paced heavy rock anthems. A softer offering than previous single ‘Lead, Pretend’, Atticus Chimp’s new track ‘New Illusion’ is a dynamic and rounded number with a touch of melancholy and heavy chorus, which shows depth in the band’s repertoire. Check out the track on Spotify

Jackie and Eliza and the Delusionals

It’s always left gobsmacked that someone that can wield a guitar with so much force yet also provide sugary sweet and lilting vocals over the top, but that’s exactly what Eliza Klatt does with her music. New track ‘Jackie’, which is more stripped back than recent numbers (it’s an emotive tribute to the frontwoman’s beloved pet), is unmistakably Eliza and the Delusionals. It’s the video, though, that takes the cake for cuteness overload. Directed by Warwick Hughes, the clip sees the band team up with the RSPCA for all kinds of doggo bliss. Check the clip onYouTube.

CRUM and their TV Housemates

The third single off Crum’s debut EP ‘Waster’ (due any day now) is an unapologetic and grungy indie rock piece with a melodic chorus and a tonne of wailing guitars. In their short life span they’ve already nabbed supports for bands like British India and Waax and given they’re on the lineup for Best Night Ever alongside Dune Rats, DZ Deathrays and The Gooch Palms and they haven’t even released their first EP yet, we’re excited about the feral yet good things to come. ‘TV Housemate’s is on Spotify.

Saint Barae unleashes Nightcrawler

Saint Barae is a Gold Coast synthwave 80s pop singer and producer. And to mark Halloween, he’s released what he calls a ‘spooky’ rendition of Home’s track ‘Head First’. Called ‘Nightcrawler’, the song is a driving synthwave number and you can hear elements of ghosts and ghouls ready to hit the dancefloor. You’ll want to do that too. He’s got new tracks coming in 2019, so keep your ears peeled. You can listen to ‘Nightcrawler’ on Soundcloud.

Hot Wax say Quit Your Job

And it’s a no holds barred affair. Which is exactly what you’d expect from a bunch of southern Gold Coast punks like Hot Wax. They started the year pretty strong with their music reaching triple j, MTV and Rage and this new song, produced by Nick Didia, sees the four-piece continue on that skate-punk journey. ‘Quit Your Job’, as the title suggests, is a track for misfits with its feet firmly planted in anti-establishmentarianism. While it’s a sound all their own, there’s also no mistaking its 90s punk roots. There’s an EP on the horizon plus a showcase set at Australian Music Week, so we’re frothing to hear the new songs. You can listen to ‘Quit Your Job’ now via Spotify

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