Gold Coast Music: Taking Things To the Next Level in 2021

Since 2018 Gold Coast Music, located in the heart of Southport, have been steadily establishing themselves as one of this city’s premier stores for the supply of musical instruments and all things muso-gear related.

Run by dynamic duo Stewy Fairhurst and his wife Tamara, the store stocks everything from the standard rock clobber of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards through to more niche instruments such as ukuleles and even jaw harps.

Despite all of the challenges of COVID, the past 12 months has been one of solid expansion for the store, as Stewy explains.

“We have grown massively! We are really stocked up with everything across the board. We now have the largest retail drum selection from Brisbane to Newcastle and it’s getting larger, with new brands being added all the time.

“Our brands in general have increased and we’ve now added PRS, Jackson, Martin, Nord, Tama and Ludwig to the already cool brands we have.

“The past 12 months has been kind to us with sales increasing big time! There have been challenges (and there still are challenges with shipping), but all in all our business has been booming.”

While business has been solid for retail music and instrument stores, plenty of other businesses and professions within the industry have been doing it tough since the onset of COVID, with live music and hospitality venues hit particularly hard. The lack of government support compared to other industries and a perceived inequitable playing field between the arts/entertainment and sporting arenas is a situation that doesn’t sit well with Stewie.

The governments need to support the entertainment industry like they do with sport. It doesn’t make sense to allow a packed sports stadium of up to 70,000 people but music venues can’t have more than 100 people… it’s not right at all.

In addition to the huge array of guitars for sale, Gold Coast Music also have a very special ‘display only’ item in the store, which is well worth an admiring visit, in the form of an original vintage Gibson guitar which was once used by none other than rock and roll icon Elvis Presley! Says Stewie of the story behind it:

“The guitar is a Gibson J200 which was owned by Elvis Presley and it is the guitar that he used to take on the road and play on the tour bus. Elvis signed the guitar and gave it to his aunty as a gift. We have all the paperwork from Graceland and Gibson to certify the authenticity and the signature has been verified as well. It’s pretty cool that we have such an amazing guitar on display and we let customers get their photo taken with it, if they want.

It’s a long story about how we acquired it, but in the early 80s Priscilla Presley had an auction at Graceland because they needed money to keep Graceland afloat and a lady from Australia went to the auction, bought the guitar and brought it back to Australia, so as far as we know this could be the only guitar owned and signed by Elvis in Australia.”

Whether you’re a fully-fledged music industry type, a musical hobbyist or simply someone with a curiosity for all things music related, Gold Coast Music, located at 53 Nerang Street Southport, is definitely worth a visit.

IMAGE: Gold Coast Music team at the GCMAs in 2019 (C) Santography

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