Gold Coast Music Awards 2021: Meet the hosts with the most(s)

With Gold Coast Music Awards (GCMAs) just around the corner, we thought we’d get to know the fun and fabulous peeps who will be at the frontline of the ceremony.

First cab off the rank are the red carpet hosts, who will be greeting finalists and guests as they sashay along the press line for interviews and photos. This will also be the kick off point for the livestream, so GCMA organisers knew that some seriously professional entertainers were required, and pulled out the big guns. #goldcoast, meet:

Red Carpet Hosts: Natasha St James + Dixie Wrecked

Self-professed “three legged beauty” Natasha St James and sassy stunner Dixie Wrecked are arguably the most popular drag entertainers on the Gold Coast. If you’ve been to Drag Queen Bingo on the GC, then you know Bad Gal Tashy and pun-tastic Dixie, whose ascerbic banter, dance skills and larger-than-life stage presence makes them the life of the party.

In addition to producing and hosting Drag Queen Bingo at a variety of venues around the Gold Coast, Natasha and Dixie also produced the Dragalicious show at The Avenue, and are Creative Directors of Flamboyance at Pink Flamingo Gold Coast. Now they can add Gold Coast Music Awards red carpet hosts to that list. We cannot wait for this one.


And of course no great event event is complete without an awesome MC. Or in the case of this year’s Gold Coast Music Awards, two awesome MCs! Not only are the 2021 GCMA MCs an entertaining pair with personality for days, they’re also local music industry professionals, passionate representatives of the Gold Coast scene, and all around talented go-getters. Apart from the awards themselves, we couldn’t think of a better way to shine a spotlight on hardworking local musical talent. #goldcoast, meet:

MC: Kimberly Ferguson

Kim is a creative industry professional who has established her career in the music industry over the last decade as a presenter, a venue owner, as a representative for artists, management and artist services. As with most industry professionals, Kim is an all rounder that has had experience across the board, from presenting on large stages of over 10,000 audience members, to owning, booking and managing live music venues and working closely as management and agents for touring acts.

Beginning her career in commercial radio as an announcer and quickly realising she couldn’t sell her soul to support the commercial pop of late 2000’s (Lady Gaga and the likes), Kim quickly
established herself as an enthusiastic supporter of original music and original music events and business and has dedicated the last ten years to Australian music scene. She’s currently the co-owner of Mo’s Desert Clubhouse (finalist for Venue of the Year), and founder and chairperson of the Independent Entertainment Industry Alliance, all while managing to be a judge at this year’s awards, too. What a powerhouse.

MC: Tomi Gray

Multi-talented, multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalist Tomi Gray is the Ultimate Multi-Man of the Gold Coast. Not content with just being able to write, record, sing and play a bunch of instruments on some awesome releases of his own, you would also know him as the fangtastic longtime drummer ‘Splinter’ at Dracula’s Cabaret in Broadbeach.

In addition to his near-non-stop musical output, Tomi writes poems and has even published a children’s book ‘The Less Said About Ducks The Better’, under nom de plum War Of The Real, which includes illustrations by the man himself. Is there no end to his creative capabilities? Quirky, philosophical and with a vibe that is wholly his own, the unique and complex Tomi is the perfect embodiment of Gold Coast’s ever-expanding musical and artistic culture.

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