Video of the year finalists reveal their favourite music clips

We all connect with music in different ways and for some it’s the full audio-visual package that gets a song over the line.

The Gold Coast Music Awards Video of the Year category, which is sponsored by QT Gold Coast, recognises the creative team responsible for creating a song’s video clip.

The finalists for this year’s Video of the Year award are diverse. And quirky. Which is what you’d expect for a category judged on creative intent as well as production quality. There’s pirate metal, punk, country, pop and funk and the video styles are as eclectic as the music on offer.

Let’s meet some of the finalists for this category. We asked them what makes a great music video as well as what their all-time favourite is:

DENNIS. ‘Vertigo’
What makes a great video?

“A great music video is one that has clear intentions. One that could be super complex or very minimalistic but makes that extra connection with the viewer that is more than it ‘just looks good’.”

Favourite ever music video: Bea Miller’s ‘It’s not U its Me’

Anthony ‘Hryma’ Hyrmakowksi

Video writer, director, props and set builder, editor for ‘Archangel’ by Baltimore Gun Club. Also the gun bassist (and most definitely not the drummer). Busy lad!

What makes a great video?

“Lack of slow motion video. And no sexualised footage to sell the music.”

Favourite ever music video: Primus’ ‘Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver’.

“Hard choice between all the Primus videos, but this is their first one I recall seeing. It’s a creative masterpiece. It inspired our clip ‘Archangel’, that is in the running for this award.”


Teigan Le Plastrier

Vocals, Being Jane Lane ‘Savage Sunday’

What makes a great video?

“I think a great music video is one that makes you want to be in it for whatever reason, or is more entertaining than narrative.”

“One of my favourite video clips of all time is ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ by The Verve.

Also ‘Oh So Quiet’ by Bjork.”


Casey Barnes

‘A Little More’

What makes a great video?

“Something that tells the story behind the song visually and also keeps you engaged…. I think your goal is to try and take the song to that next level with the clip. For example, a fan may have heard the song on radio but fall in love with it or connect with the song even more once they see the clip!”

“Really you can’t beat some of the music videos Michael Jackson put out like ‘Thriller’ but I’ve always loved ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana! (oops I think I just picked two).”


Full list of finalists for Video of the Year, sponsored by QT Gold Coast:

Archangel – Baltimore Gun Club

Savage Sunday – Being Jane Lane

A Little More – Casey Barnes

Vertigo – Dennis

The Story – Eddie Ray

Don’t Feed The Monster – Ella Fence

Dig Bury Drink – Lagerstein

Tommy Franklin – Tijuana Cartel

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