GCMA 2020 | Musician of the year finalist: Julz Parker

Julz Parker is without a doubt one of the country’s most talented and highly respected guitarists. And that’s little wonder when you find out she’s been around music – most of it live – her entire life.  One of the core members of Hussy Hicks, Julz has forged a path for herself that sees her collaborate on stage and off with other highly regarded musicians and she always has time for artists finding their feet in the city’s burgeoning creative scene.

“I can’t actually remember a time when music wasn’t part of my life,” she told Samantha Morris.

“I played violin from three to five but gave that up for cartoons for a bit,” she said about her musical history.

“My Dad and his friends would often sit around playing Neil Young songs so I think that’s where my love of acoustic guitar came from – then I went a bit rogue and started playing Roxette covers for simple keyboard for a while.”

“I’ve been lucky to make a living out of music since high school. I’ve always had a ‘keep your expenses low’ approach which has meant I could keep my freedom to undertake creative projects high.”

“Fingers crossed I’ll still be able to make a living out of music into the future,” she said.

“I’ve always been most inspired by music in a live setting so my biggest inspirations have come from local musicians. I was lucky enough to get to sit in and play as a 13-14 year old with Gold Coast bands, Donna and the Moderation and Double Shuffle and that exposed me to so many of the great songwriters and how to connect with people through music. I was also lucky to tour with Phil Emmanuel in that time so that taught me enough about guitar that even if I practised for the rest of my life I’d still have more to learn.”

“I haven’t really been focused on keeping my guitar skills at a ‘high level’ but I started out in a pretty mental guitar virtuoso scene so I guess my focus has more been trying to make sure I can always play what I hear in my head.”

“We usually remain very gig-fit so I get to play enough guitar to keep my comfort level pretty good. That said – nothing makes me happier than having a massive guitar sound on a massive stage where the whole band sounds huge and taking a few minutes to ‘play’.”

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IMAGE (c) NJA Photography


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