Gold Coast Gets Crafty

It’s a rare blustery Sunday morning on the Gold Coast and I find myself – cup of tea in hand – covered in glue while making a lampshade. No, it’s not my usual thing but I am loving this workshop at Klara’s House. I’m chatting away to another first time crafter and I begin pondering the boom of craftiness on the Gold Coast. Have Gold Coasters always craved this expression of creativity or is it a new thing? Rachael from The Craft Parlour and Klara from Klara’s House both patiently and passionately talked craft with me.

First I wanted to know why craft workshops have become so popular. Both ladies hold the firm belief that the interest and creativity were always present, it is just obvious now thanks to the power of social media. With the various platforms like Pinterest and particularly Instagram, people could share their ideas and what they were creating, inspiring others. Klara also feels that women are coming back to “our tribal roots of nesting and gathering”.

There is also the platform of local designer markets like The Village Markets in Burleigh, the travelling Art and Craft markets or Gold Coast Design Collective market. Local creatives can display and sell their wares with a couple of flow-on effects. It gives people the possibility of turning a hobby into a career, and it inspires others to find their creative talents.

What was it then that turned inspiration into workshops? For Rachael it was a long term dream, to open a place “where the community could feel joy, connect, share their skills and unleash their creativity. Once I made the decision, everything unfolded and flowed, I knew I was creating something special”.

Klara says “Creativity is my absolute passion and it’s my calling to help women bring out their inner creative genius, to watch them come alive when they have made something special for themselves. A lot of women have the desire to be more creative and they just might need a little assistance with getting started.”

So who actually joins in? All ages and abilities apparently. Klara has clients from their twenties to sixties as well as mother/daughter classes. Rachael says clients are people who value time out for themselves, and she would “love to see more fellas getting their craft on.” The great beauty of craft is that age and experience are no barriers; it’s a very welcoming space for anyone.

Now we have inspiration, opportunity and inclusiveness. I also walked away from my workshop with a very pretty, one of a kind lampshade that will go straight to the pool room (aka lounge room). Why do other people go to these crafting workshops, what do they get out of it? A whole lot more than just a lampshade, that’s what!

Both ladies agree on the overwhelming sense of achievement that comes with making your own masterpiece. There is a sense of connection to the self, and those creating with you. Rachael says people come away with new friendships, and hopefully the desire to bring creativity into their life on a regular basis. Klara adds that while the workshop itself feels like a pampering experience, women also learn valuable skills which they can replicate at home.

You can find workshops on the Gold Coast for almost anything you would like to learn or practice. As for my two inspirational crafters, both are expecting big and creative years ahead. Look out for fresh, epic collaborations and loads more crafty concepts at the Craft Parlour. Klara’s House is looking to overnight craft and pamper retreats, workshops, one-on-one lessons and event styling. With so much fun to choose from, it’s time to get a little crafty.


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