Golden generosity in the time of COVID-19

The last month has been a difficult time for the Gold Coast hospitality industry, with current restrictions meaning that they have had to rely solely on takeaway customers. This has unfortunately led to many restaurants and cafes shutting down, with many Gold Coasters losing their jobs as a result. Yet despite this being a tough time for the hospo world, restaurants and cafés have persevered and are offering some amazing initiatives that give back to the community that has shown them so much love.

Many restaurants are offering meals for fellow hospo workers that have lost their jobs, or for essential workers slogging it out on the daily. Blackboard Varsity started out by offering to give a meal to an out-of-work hospo worker for every meal that is bought from them. Balter Beer and The Pastry Emporium jumped on board, with 100 meals, beers and sweet treats being given away.

Offering “Pay it forward” systems are Cycho’s Buffalo Wings and Daark Espresso with each restaurant taking donations towards giving food to essential workers and those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic, and Labart offering free meals to health care workers and those in need. Along with these initiatives, many other restaurants are offering deals to healthcare workers including Randy Wallhole’s $7 bagel and brew, 20% off at Kebabs 4 You, 15% off at Black Sheep Bistro, free coffee at Black Lime Café and Cruize Espresso giving out food parcels.

Rosella’s Bar celebrated the start of their free delivery service by offering free meals on the first Monday for anyone who dropped by.

Oi Izakaya has introduced “pay what you feel” curries each night, with those who are unable to pay able to have a free meal, whilst those that can continue to support the initiative being exceedingly generous.

Pixel Bakehouse are running “Charity Thursday” where they bake and donate bread to Gold Coast charities.

The Henchman Miami and Next Door Espresso have donated fresh produce boxes to those in need, whilst BBQ Bazaar offered free pasta to the elderly, giving away 1000kg of pasta! Artichoke Restaurant is also looking out for seniors, giving away one litre tubs of delicious minestrone.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” as the saying goes, with popular local distilleries Granddad Jack’s and Husk Distillers commencing production on hand sanitisers, giving them out for free to local businesses and those in need.

For coffee lovers, Byron Based Marvell Street Coffee Roasters are running “Gram for a Gram” where for every gram of coffee the public buys from their online shop, they will donate the same to your favourite local coffee shop, plus you get a 10% discount when you use your café’s code. On the GC those cafes are Seadog, Highline, Cubby Bakehouse, Bam Bam Bakehouse and Custard Canteen. Spreading that coffee love further is Joybeans Coffee who are giving everyone who buys 1kg of coffee a free 250g bag to “pay it forward” to a friend who needs it. Now that is sharing the love.

On the creatives side, 4040 Creative are creating a free of charge social media design for businesses in need and photographer Nine Fivers offering free content creation for struggling businesses.

Even through these unusual times it is heartwarming to see how much the hospo industry is supporting others. Please email us at with any other great initiatives that we can add to this story.

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