Gold Coast confirmed to host Australian Poetry Slam heat

Local poets have been slogging it out with monthly poetry nights at the Dust Temple for three years now, but something big has happened as a result.

For the first time in eight years, the Australian Poetry Slam will bring one of its regional heats to the Gold Coast and one of the Dust Temple creators couldn’t be more excited.

“We feel super privileged to be chosen as the venue,” Isla Wilson said adding that she finally feels that local efforts have been recognised.

The Slam Poetry scene on the Coast is in its infancy and Isla, who hosts regular slam poetry events at the Dust Temple said the movement was still in a “touchy, feely, share your stuff without judgement stage.”

“But I think that that stage is important in terms of being able to first, get a listening audience and second allow people to grow into being performers.”

“The spoken word/ poetry scene is growing and growing. There is a real buzz around it and a lot of people are now presenting themselves as those artists and performers.”

“Slam is something that will grow on the Coast as it is a great avenue to get your work heard and out there om the national and international stage. It appeals to the younger generations and kinda removes the stigma that poetry is stiff and boring,” she said.

Isla believes that the Gold Coast being included as a heat for the Australian Slam is confirmation that the Coast is not the cultural wasteland that it is often made out to be.

“It is another way that we can hold ourselves up to the rest of Australia and show how diverse and active our art scene is,” she said.

“The Slam runs in conjunction with the Queensland Poetry Festival who have an amazing line up of national and international poets,” Isla said, That lineup includes MC and guest performer for the Gold Coast heat, C.R. Avery.

  1. R. Avery has paid his rent as a sideman for such acts as Sage Francis, and Tom Waits but began playing music professionally at just 17 when he toured Canada’s capital to the far interior of Vancouver Island. Fifteen albums and seven operas later smoke stack lightening is the eternal horizon. In the past four years, Avery has played almost every major Canadian folk festival. This year he headlined his own tour across France and opened on two major tours for Billy Bragg and BUCK 65. Quite the coup for the Dust Temple to play host to such talent in addition to local poets.

The Australian Poetry Slam encourages people to speak, scream, howl, whisper or even sing their poems. It’s a live literary performance competition where the audience is the judge.

Slam heats are held in city and regional venues until October 2015 with two finalists from each heat competing in the state final before heading to Sydney for the national final.

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The Gold Coast heat, hosted by Dust Temple takes place on Thursday 27 August. Sign on is 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start. Entry is $5.00 at the door. Dust Temple is located at 54 Currumbin Creek Road.

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