Glitoris: Trump It Up!

Boundary pushing Canberra four piece Glitoris have been described as not just a band, but a phenomena.

In turns righteous and riotous, the femme-tastic four piece buzz and howl with pent up indignation against social injustice, corruption, gender inequality, downtrodden minorities and the rise of the fascist right. Tracks of furious and funny indignation, such as ‘Trump Card’, ‘Spit Hood’ ‘The Policy’ and ‘Disgrace’ raise a giant middle finger to the persecutors of equality. While the subject matter is serious, it’s delivered in a theatrical, humorous context, which makes for an all-inclusive and highly memorable live experience.

Importantly, they have the musical chutzpa to back it up, delivering an intoxicating mixture of shouty punk anthems, intermixed with riff heavy, fist raising orchestral rock, with the odd, soaring four part harmony to boot. They’ll hit you in the guts as well as mess with your mind.

In fitting with their modus operandi, each of the band members have adopted an ironic, politically inspired onstage pseudonym, for the main part referencing a bunch of recent Australian politicians of the bloodletting variety (Keven 007, Tony, Malcolm and Andrew). And in the lead up to their upcoming Gold Coast show at Vinnies Dive Bar on Friday, 16 November, I had a chat with Keven 007, who performs guitar and vocal duties in the band.

Having most recently been up this way supporting Aussie legends Regurgitator, I asked her how that experience played out. “We played Kingscliff for the first time, the crowd were great. They were initially a bit more reserved than some of our other shows. When we play in a place that may not have heard of us, we tend to call people down to the front, as they may be tentatively standing down the back, because we might look a bit scary or unusual! They ended up getting into it, so it was a great show.”

Talk turns to the imminent release of their debut album, ‘The Policy’, which was recorded earlier this year with Frenzal Rhombs Jay Whalley at the production helm. “We love Jay, he’s so lovely to work with. We had about three weeks in his studio (The Pet Food Factory in Sydney). It was quite cozy and really chilled out, he let us do our thing and he also had some great input, in a production sense. We’re a bit of a songwriting machine, so we’ve got a massive back-log of songs – since 2014 we’ve been banging them out. We recorded 21 songs with Jay, so we’ve got the album, and an, EP, ready to go. We’re pretty proud of it – it’s a beast!

We’ve already been playing a lot of the songs in our live set, so people are familiar with them. In particular ‘Slut Power’, which hasn’t been released as a single yet. We’re also getting a lot of requests for ‘Slut Power’ t shirts. It certainly seems to be the Glitoris ‘anthem’ – as well as ‘The Policy’, which is also a bit anthemic.”

The band are renowned for attracting a rabid, hard core fan base to their shows, who have been affectionately dubbed ‘The Gliterati’. Said Keven 007 to describe the type of uber-fan that typically constitutes a member of The Gliterati. “It’s quite often people from minority groups. We stand for any marginalized community, really, we’re totally into equality. We often get people coming up after the shows and saying how life changing the show was, and how we’ve helped them. But we get everyone from every walk of life really.”

And next year is already shaping up as being massive for girls of Glitoris; “We’re looking at a few festival opportunities, such as Primavera, in Barcelona. And we’re certainly keen on Japan. We played with (seminal Japanese all girl band) Shonen Knife when they came over here recently, they’re just legends. It was great hanging out with them and establishing those contacts. And we’d like to get to the US, if they let us in – probably not after (recent track) ‘Trump Card’, if they hear the song or see the video haha!”

With the band about to hit town, I ask Keven 007 what type of defiant spectacle that newcomers to the Glitoris live experience can expect.

“It’s political, it’s absurd, it’s funny, it’s loud. We love playing heavy music but we also like to insert pockets of four part harmonies in there sometimes. And we like to put on a show. It’s quite theatrical, we’re always in our cat suits, or something like that, parading around and being idiots on stage, lol! So certainly, getting down the front is advised.”

Spunky, punky, ferocious and funny, the Glitoris phenomena is a live experience you really don’t want to miss. As well as the Gold Coast show at Vinnies Dive Bar on 16 November, the fearless foursome will also tear things up at The Bearded Lady in Brisbane on 18 November.

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