Gigl aims to bring musicians, venues and music together in one package

The music industry has always been difficult to navigate for the average musician or fan. Everything from sourcing potential gigs to finding out where your favourite band is playing has been a tiring, cumbersome process that is often quickly put into the too hard basket without a satisfactory outcome.

Never before has there been one centralised point where all parties can access relevant information, meaning opportunities to play and/or watch live music are often missed. Local entrepreneurs Chris and Meme Tuohy plan to change that with a revolutionary new music platform designed to connect the missing and difficult pieces together in one easy-to-access system that promises to benefit the entire music community. And it’s called Gigl.

“Gigl is an online platform that connects musicians, music lovers and venues through a combined booking system for musicians and a free gig guide for everyone,” explained Chris.

“The idea stemmed from conversations we had with musicians and venue managers about how disjointed the live music industry was and how frustrating that can be for all parties. We identified some of the issues that people were having problems with and agreed that there should be a centralised system that brought the live music community together in one place.

“One of the issues we found was that musicians spend a lot of time trying to book gigs. Typically, musicians have up to three other jobs and are already pressed for time so chasing up venues is time-consuming. We thought it would be great for these musicians to have access to an exhaustive database of these venues that they can contact directly rather than each musician reinventing the wheel, compiling their own list of venues and contacts.

“Conversely, finding a musician can be difficult for venues or members of the public holding events that require live music, so we wanted to create a database for that. We focus more on smaller venues and supporting up and coming musicians. The final aspect was incorporating music lovers into the system. Venues want patrons, musicians want fans and people want awesome experiences at local venues with live music, so we help bring everyone together.”

In the traditional booking process, Chris identified the main problem as initial point of contact, with the many details that go with securing a gig often resulting in little reward for effort.

“On Gigl, artists will be able to search a database of venues by price, availability and location,” he said. “They will be able to review what each venue is all about if they haven’t dealt with them before. Plus they will be able to send a booking request straight to the venue manager as opposed to having to write and chase up emails. The idea is the musicians create a profile with all of their audio/visual content, availability and a general pricing structure, which makes it simple for them to book at venues and get their gig out there in front of the many people searching for live music through our free gig guide. Any gig booked through us goes directly onto the gig guide where it can be found by music lovers.”

Venues will also find it easier to access booking requests in their own time, with submissions all centralised in one place.

“Gigl will provide an event management tool for venues to easily manage incoming enquiries from musicians,” Chris said. “They will be able to see specifically when musicians want to play and they will have access to the bands profile with all of their details and requirements so they can evaluate and then accept or decline those requests a lot quicker than they can through negotiating via email or phone. They are also able to view ratings and reviews of each artist from previous performances, which helps to create accountability and increase integrity within the live music sector.

“There is also a secure payment system which allows musicians to be paid directly through the platform, or agree with a venue to be paid in cash on the day. It streamlines the payment process and makes it more secure than what typically happens in the industry now.”

Gigl is essentially a free platform promoting live music, with the only costs placed upon the actual performers and venues, much the same as the current system involving booking agents.

“Gigl is free for all users to access – so it’s free for music lovers to explore the gig guide; free for venues and musicians to upload gigs; and free for everyone to search the database of venues and musicians,” Chris enthused.

The service currently operates only on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay, with Blank GC proud to reveal our partnership with the exciting new platform.

“One of the biggest problems that we’re addressing is the way that people find out about live music,” Chris continued. “Research shows that historically people mostly find out about gigs by word of mouth. The beauty of Gigl is we have all of the industry stakeholders on the one system so they can connect easily with each other. The venues and musicians uploading gigs have direct access to the music lovers and they in turn have direct access to all of the live music that is happening in the area.

“We love Blank GC and have always wanted a partnership with them as it is really such a natural collaboration. We’re so excited to now be the official gig guide for Blank GC, meaning that any gigs that are uploaded to our system display on the Blank GC website gig guide, on the Gigl website and app, and then also in the print guide in Blank GC’s monthly publication.”

To access the services provided by GIGL go to or download the iOS app on the App Store today.

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