The Zoo | 8 February

With one hand on synth and the other on his mic, 23-year old Melbournian Oscar Key Sung (pictured) wooed The Zoo’s patrons in a wave of soft crooning and super sultry sounds.  Drawn-out ascending vocals were magnified by his solo stage presence. He sang softly, taking advantage of the full silences and mesmerised eyes in front of him.

The a cappella odes of Hologram had the crowd hanging on his every octave, the only percussion a slow hand click into the microphone. Harmonised by looped sampling, Oscar created a sweet and fulfilling one man show.

In It’s Coming, Oscar experiments with minimalist RnB and drum progressions, making for the perfect chill session match. With Prince-like scatting and very smooth RnB sounds, it looks like we have love making music for 2014 right here.

Only 23 and already having Falls, Meredith and St Kilda Festival under his festival belt, Oscar Key Sung is killing it on the singer/songwriter/producer scene. Keep an eye out for his debut EP Holograms, released 3 March.

The Zoo was the first stop of Oliver Tank’s Slow Motion Tour, so us Brisbanites and Gold Coasters were lucky enough to see him in all his ambient glory.

Tank could have been lost in a sea of tanned, abstract pattern wearing skegs, complete with Vans and a mop of hair a young MJ would be proud of.

After stalling his entry by awkwardly standing by the green room he mustered enough courage to walk onstage and entered to a crowd heavy applause with “yeow”ing and “woo-hoo”ing.

In a cloud of yellow smoke-lit ambience, Oliver kicked off his set with Up All Night; an ethereal dreamy track. He almost weeps “Can you teach me how to dance, real slow”, much to the satisfaction of the stage-straddling devotees.

His folk-ballad Help You Breathe was intensified by the noise ringing in your ears. The combination of soft electric strumming and pop xylophonic beats made for a sound like a sunrise.

If Oscar Key Sung provided 2014’s songs to make love to, Oliver Tank made music for the modern day slow dance.d

Opening act Bree Tranter joined Tank for The Sounds Of Silence; a track with electronic drums and violin sampling with lyrics that spoke of starry-eyed lovers, something they pulled off remarkably well.

As lights beamed behind Tank’s hair giving the impression of a higher being, I looked around the room to enjoy the expressions of my fellow music-loving beings: ouths agape and boys holding their beers to the sky, eyes closed in an overwhelmed state of euphoria.

“It’s been a while since I’ve done my own show,” Oliver laughed. “I get all nervous and paranoid before these shows and I’m just so grateful for you all”.

Well if we didn’t think he was the sweetest being we did now.

He took the set out with a cover that solidified him as my new favourite electro being. Sampling Snoop Dogg’s Drop It Like It’s Hot and Beautiful, Tank combined his signature euphoric riffs and a little pop and locking on his behalf. And the crowd dropped it like it was hot.

The cover climax was softened as he drifted back into the beautiful serenade of Last Night I Heart Everything In Slow Motion and walked off stage, leaving us swooning and questioning everything we knew about life.

Songs of airy lullabies and bassy heartbeats are typical of Oliver’s style, yet he manages to play an expansive set which incorporates glitter-rock hooks and elements of folk, RnB and pop into the electro genre.

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