Getting the biggest bang for your media buck

Getting your mug in the media is essential to raising your profile but the story doesn’t necessarily start, nor finish there. You need to fully leverage your media coverage to maximise each hard-won exposure.

Most artists share their interview, review or article once, when it’s published, but there are up to 6 ‘bangs’ (or opportunities to communicate) for every bit of press you get. Possibly more. This means most musos are missing out on a whopping 85% of bang for their media buck  (OK, the math may be dodgy, but you get the point!).

Being in the press is obviously about reaching a new, much larger audience, but it also gives you killer content to share with your existing fan base and all important industry contacts.

It’s kinda like the old persuasive argument structure we learned in school – tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you’ve told them.

Here are my 6 Media Bangs, or communication touch-points, to turn ONE media appearance into much more:

  1. Announce that you’ve secured the media opportunity.
  2. Share a pic outside/ on the way/ before the interview.
  3. Share a pic, video or anecdote of the interview taking place – including the camera & journo is always a winner!
  4. Share the digital version of the published article.
  5. Share the physical article e.g. a pic of you holding the newspaper or a video of the TV as it is airing.
  6. Pull out a quote or two (these should definitely be added to your press kit, but share them with your audience too).

BANG! 85% more for your media buck baby (you do really need to get over the math and just get the point haha).

Sound like overkill? Keep in mind:

  • Scoring media coverage can be hard work, so it’s OK to be excited about it!
  • You are giving value to the media outlet and journalist – they want exposure too. The more traffic you drive to their website and socials, the more likely they are to cover you in the future (be sure to tag them too).
  • Media coverage raises your profile by enhancing people’s perceptions of you; but only if they see it (and we all know what Facebook algorithms are like!)
  • You’re giving value to your fans by sharing real, behind-the-scenes content. Take us on the journey with you, that is, afterall, why we’re ‘following’ you!

PHOTO CREDIT: Lamp Photography

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