Getting down to The Dreggs

Popular Sunny Coast indie folk duo The Dreggs are no strangers to their southern fans on the Goldy, selling out shows here left, right and centre. When we heard they were heading to Miami Marketta again for another intimate show thanks to strong public demand and East West Presents, we thought we’d better catch up with one half of the duo Zane Harris, to find out a little bit more about these enigmatic, moustachioed boys and their emotive, ocean-inspired tunes.

How long have you guys been together, and how did you connect with each other initially?

We have been together for nearly four years now. We met through Paddy’ (Macrae, the other member) ex girlfriend, haha! We hit it off as soon as we met. We wrote our song ‘Feel Alive’ in our first jam session.

How have you managed to stay sane and keep the creative juices flowing this year?

We have been so lucky to been surrounded by the people we have in our close circle of friends. We have so many good close muso friends to bounce ideas off and collab with, as well as our producer lives just down the road from us so we have been working super hard on getting an album ready to hopefully come out next year. 

How does it feel to finally be playing live again?

We love playing live, it was so hard when everything shut down we were going pretty insane haha to be playing live again and for everyone to be so keen to buy tickets and come and watch live music, we will be forever grateful. 


Unfortunately you’ve missed out on tix to see the boys this time around, but kick up enough of a stink and they’ll definitely be back! Check out @TheDreggsMusic on socials for updates.

IMAGE (C) Ben Watson

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