GDFRNDS make Blackboard | Klubknight’s new release

Chris Lamaro and Brett Sellwood are Klubknight, a Gold Coast electronic duo with roots that run deep throuth the local music scene.

We’re catching up at Little Beans in Nobby’s because they’ve just released their second EP, Blackboard, but within moments of sitting down they’re raving about a different project.

“We’ve started our own PR agency and record label,” they tell me, excitedly. “It’s a collaboration with (Blank writer) Jake Wilton called GDFRNDS.”

Lamaro said they’ll provide radio and media servicing, bios and press kits and they’re not too particular about the genres they’ll work with.

“We’ve always wanted to start one,” Brett said, referring to the label. “So we thought it was perfect timing to do it all together.”

Their record Blackboard then is being released by GDFRNDS.

“It’s always been what we wanted to do and we found that since we started the Klubknight thing, that we just find it easier to do these things ourselves,” Lamaro said. “And I guess, instead of having to explain to people what our sound is we can just release whatever we want.”

The new EP Blackboard follows on from Whiteboard released mid 2015. Brett said it’s darker than the first.

“It’s really experimental,” said Lamaro. “There’s no two tracks that sound the same – they’re all quite diverse.”

The men say that the response to Whiteboard was mixed. “We had a few comments asking which direction we were going with it,” Brett explained.

“People were coming from that perception that we were going to be a four to the floor, making dance records, but that’s not what we wanted to do,” Lamaro said.

“We wanted to be a bit more weird, we didn’t really want to be put in one genre,” Brett said.

Which is also the angle they’re taking with their label, GDFRNDS. “We’re looking for people that have that same mindset of staying genre-less and keeping it experimental and fun and cool,” Lamaro said.

While they’re planning a string of shows to launch the EP, they haven’t got anything firmed up yet but did let slip about a potential new year’s option.

And while they’re not recording, performing or managing PR for other bands, what are these two listening to when it comes to local music?

They rattle off a long list.

Raw Deep, Aralunar Beagle, Wax Witches (Alex from Bleeding Knees Club), WAAX, Baltimore Gun Club, Yes Sir Noceur, Jimmy the Saint and the Sinners, Fun Boys and Lyndon Kidd all get a mention.

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is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

Disclaimer: both Chris Lamaro and Jake Wilton write for Blank GC and have been involved in the magazine since its inception meeting more than two years ago. So we may be (unashamedly) a little biased.

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