Funboys | Strangers Familiar

Gold Coast’s happy synth legends are back with another dance floor gem Strangers Familiar released on Club Sweat. Starting out in classic Funboys style with smooth Roland drum machine beats and panning synth effect, the nostalgia lifts when the bass releases and if listening with closed eyes you’re automatically transported to a familiar dance floor.

With the simple groove of Strangers Familiar it’s a track that automatically lifts your mood. Fitting into the genre of likable “nostalgic New York” it could be a disco in the late 197’s or today. In fact it would fit the dance floor of Xanadu nightclub at 3.00am. After the roller skates are off.

We’ve all had those dance floor nights where we know nobody but they’re all you’re closest friend for a small bunch of hours: Strangers Familiar reminds me of many a time myself. With the crisp spoken word vocals and thunder cracking as backround effect, one can only be at complete comfort when listening loud. Although this is a club release I could easily sit in my lounge playing this track over and over. The Funboys have utilised their awesome collection of synthesisers to maximum potential on this release. This will go down as a classic dance floor track and it will not age.

Strangers Familiar is available through Sweat It Out records sub label, Club Sweat.

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