Fright Nights – The Best Night Of Your Life

Now, I know that some people might go “oh, that’s too scary, I can’t handle horror movies”, but Fright Night is something everyone must experience, at least one time. Humbly starting out as one night before expanding to every weekend in October, Fright Nights boasts one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have at a theme park-with an extra injection of scares. I was fortunate enough to experience the full delights of the VIP pass, which allowed me unlimited access to every attraction in the park, along with a bundle of other items, from a Superman beanie to three free photos at some of Movie World’s most recognizable rides. The VIP passes treated me to a horror themed buffet that contained pork crackling and Specimen Jar mousse amongst other delicious food, but the focus of the night was of course on the mazes and the experience that is Fright Nights. We were allowed early access into the park, and we got to sit in on the acting cast’s briefing with their superiors. This was the only time we could interact with the actors and actresses in the mazes, and so every photo opportunity was definitely taken by the VIPs.

The mazes were by far my favourite part of the night. Each maze had rooms that were so faithfully recreated from their original sources that you would be so swept up in your surroundings, right up until you would be scared by the cast of the maze, keeping you going from maze start to finish. All of the costumes were incredible. The Evil Within Maze is based on the video game that was just released weeks ago, so visitors to the first two weeks of Fright Nights actually got a world first look at the incredible characters and rooms that they would later experience in the game. The Wolf Creek 2 Maze was downright scary, from the hapless backpackers that were running through the maze screaming about Mick Taylor to the ute sitting ominously outside the maze entrance, there was enough content in there to make you feel you were living the movie. The Cannibal Clown and the Jack the Ripper Mazes are very atmospheric, and I know for certain anyone with coulrophobia (a fear of clowns) would be in the deep end as they take their first steps into the brightly coloured and very creepy maze.

The VIP Ultimate Terror Tour was beyond fun. We entered the closed off Wild West area of the park to be lead by a talented cast of characters that seemed to have no limits to their jokes. I had a group of cocky teenage boys that attempted to heckle the cast before they were quickly quietened by the witty retorts. The experience ended with a very unique experience at the bottom of a sound stage, right next to the Jack the Ripper Maze…I won’t give any more away, but it was both a world first and an incredible amount of fun.

It felt like I was riding the Superman Escape and the Green Lantern Coaster for the first time as they rocketed through the dark sky. The experience was totally different and well worth the time lining up. As you made your way from ride to maze, there were a host of characters stalking the streets, hiding in smoke and around corners, waiting to scare unsuspecting visitors to the park. The screams of startled guests filled the air for the majority of the night, and you could hear the excited chatter in the safety of the shops. Fright Nights blew my mind, and I sure cannot wait for the new mazes and all the fun experiences to happen all over again next Halloween.

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