Frank Enstein review: The Arts Centre Gold Coast for Bleach Festival 2017

I love storytelling that makes you think about your circumstances, challenging how you think about the world, and how you think about yourself in the world. Whether theatre, film, music or art, creative thinkers who compel this sort of reflection impress me. The team from The Farm, with Co3 Australia have succeeded on that front with the World Premiere of Frank Enstein taking place last night at The Arts Centre Gold Coast. 

While far from the children’s show it claims to portray, Frank Enstein explores through dance and theatre the limitations we apply to ourselves, the unrealistic expectations we have of others, and how we cope dissonance that eventuates between the two.

There were three outstanding elements to the production.

The character development in the two main characters, using limited script, was great. I felt empathy for the female lead, relating to her admiration for Frank while second guessing his possible romantic interest. Frank is a naively self-obsessed genius, oblivious to his own appeal. Even Frank’s creations had  character, considering their role was to be monsters.

The dance routines were impressive, both in execution and choreography. The DustBuster scene brought gasps and giggles. Excellent.

The philosophical quandary posed challenged me to think about how I might be oblivious to beauty apparent in my life, preferring to manufacture a convenient, compliant alternative. Why? 

Good theatre impresses you with athleticism, challenges your mind, and exercises your emotions. On all these fronts, Frank Enstein succeeds. 

Visit The Arts Centre for Bleach Festival and see for yourself tonight. You won’t regret it.

Frank Enstein live at TACGC 2017 2

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